Dear All,

This is Round Square International Schools. They travel with from December 11th to December 23rd. They stayed in camp Bang Mealea and do the project works for two weeks. The below blog information is abstracted from their daily reports written by leader David Kyle. Please enjoy reading it.

Camp Beng Melea is situated on 2 hectares of land in the community of Beng Melea, a 90 minute drive outside of Siem Reap, and includes 4 long houses for sleeping and storage, 8 compost toilets, 8 showers, a kitchen and a large communal area. All beds have mosquito nets, which are very effective at night. The generator runs from 6pm until 10pm, and provides most areas of the camp with light and fans. There are extensive gardens throughout the camp, which not only are interesting and pretty, but also attract lots of butterflies.

Camp Beng Mealea and its communal area

This morning when we woke up the weather was cool and the sunrise was beautiful. We had breakfast and the walked to the project site. Han and San, our team supervisors, taught us how to lay bricks because none of us had ever done it before. They described it as a ‰hot dog‰ and ‰ice cream‰, relating to the shape of the cement when you put it on the bricks: Hotdog being a horizontal slug of cement along the brick underneath, and ice cream a pyramid shaped slug of cement on the size of the new brick to hold in place. Luckily the project site was shaded so working wasn‰’t too difficult, we still drank plenty of water. Over the lunch break Han taught us how to make bracelets using colorful string. This was a good activity to do during the height of the day‰s heat so that we could work better over the afternoon. After working, we played a very tense game of volleyball: Australians v world, world meaning Cambodia, Canada, and the UK. Despite a very close game, Australians won the best of 3. The Australian team displayed excellent skill and teamwork to best the world in a thrilling final set.

The first lesson was to mix and make the concrete

Everyone gain the brick laying skills and become professional in the following days

Steel bending lesson and experience

Over the past two days, some of us have had the challenging yet amazing experience of teaching English to some of the local children. The class size ranges from 8-30 with students of all ages. The language barrier is also proving to be a challenge, forcing us to learn to communicate in different ways. Teaching has been such an awarding experience as the students are eager to learn and are improving fast.

Teaching English in the camp while the new English classroom are under construction


A couple of blog posts from the new group ‰!


We woke up from our beds at 6:30am in preparation to arrive at the camp for the first time (for the people who just arrived). We ate a yummy, rice filled breakfast at 7am in the hotel and headed into the bus for a 90 minute drive to Beng Melea camp. Once we arrived, we had an orientation, which was given to us by Han who explained some history of the area we are staying in, and some of the camp rules. We ate a delicious lunch and headed off on a community tour. At the beginning of the walk, we visited a monk who preformed a water blessing on us. This was great as we learnt a bit about the local culture and about the meaning of the water blessing. The walk continued and we made our way through the community learning about some of the history and families that lived there, which was an amazing experience. We made our way back to the camp and arrived at about 5:45pm. Everybody had their showers and we all had dinner which was amazing. After dinner everyone relaxed and headed off for an early nights sleep after a long but incredible day.

David Kyle got blessed by the local Buddhist monk in the nearby pagoda


We awoke at 6am and ate breakfast. After eating, we got ready for the day. We separated into our groups and left the campsite. We had a morning full of hard work including learning how to do metal bending and continuing with some plastering and sanding the walls. At about 11:00 we headed back to the campsite, showered, and ate a delicious lunch. After a good break, we learned how to make some bracelets. We then headed back to the work sites and finished what we had started in the morning. We went back to the camp afterwards and played some volleyball with some people from the local community. We then showered, ate dinner, and played some games before going to bed.

Sanding and plastering the wall

The photo to show the progress of the classroom building from July 2015