I visited the school in Beng Mealea, Cambodia, recently where the majority of our focus for project work is currently being put. It was still very dry on the ground but rain had started on the previous afternoons, so it was looking as if the long dry spell, and inherent hardships, were finally coming to an end for the community. We have at last lifted the roof off the left hand classroom at the school which was suffering from falling tiles due to a lack of cross-beams in the roof. In order to put more beams in the whole roof was lifted off, old broken roofing sheets replaced, and then all put back together again. The job took over a week to do and of course had to be done by outside contractors due to its åÊcomplexity and height. Thanks to everyone who donated towards this part of the project. Now we can really start to work on making the classrooms amazing places to learn from – I will keep you posted on progress.

The roof from the interior, showing additional cross beams and new sheets

The new roof from outside

First few courses of bricks laid for the new teacher accommodation block

The younger kids were doing their numbers, using small shells on the floor to write the number