This month we had a group of International School students from Bangkok for their A-Level Geography Fieldwork Summary for Cambridge International Syllabus. They were studying the topics on Crowded Coasts & environments Fieldwork (various locations along the Kota Kinabalu coastline, including the port, islands, boardwalk, airport, business districts and tourist areas) and Population, Migration and Economic Transition (various locations around water village, outskirts of KK, townships, villages around KK)

Apart from that, they had the opportunity to experience life out at Camp Bongkud and travelled up to the east coast at Batu Puteh working on the reforestation initiatives there.

Sara Salam, a student from the school is sharing a brief journal but awesome experience on this trip especially their time at Bongkud…

Day 1, Sat 14th Nov

BAGUS!!! (meaning GOOD!!!) We went to the night market and seen many local stuff being sold, local delicacies and much more.

Day 2, Sun 15th Nov

Marine and coastal protection was what we explored on Sunday morning. We were able to see the input of human interaction with nature. We had a great hour with Dave and other Camps staff.  We walked up and down the Signal Hill and around the waterfront. It’s been a very interesting day!

Day 3, Mon 16th Nov

We got a group t-shirt from the night market 😀

We took a speed boat to visit beautiful beaches on an island and see the wonderful sea and view. The most fun today was the beach golf and coconut bowling!!! It was such a happy moment for us and we wish we will return to do this again sometime in the future.

Day 4, Tue 17th Nov

A nice scenic ride in the MoOoORRRNING from KK up the hills, pass mountains and range to Bongkud. The view was spectacular and we get to take photos of the majestic Mount Kinabalu with cute clouds floating around it. On our arrival close to sunset, we get to walk around Bongkud village in the evening and see the colourful orange sky at sunset with the mountain in the Background.

Wonderful traditional dance performances from the Bongkud people on our welcoming night!

Day 5, Wed 18th Nov

Delicious cooking of Banana cake, and much more cooking! Visited the Bongkud Primary School and had a game of volleyball with the kids and had a dance off with them for our last night!!


Group photo Shrewsbury‰’s students and local kids at Bongkud.

A couple of quotes from Shrewsbury students on their experiences teaching English at Bongkud to local children from the community…

I think it‰’s a great experience for the children, because it allows them to meet people outside the Bongkud village. So they can see different culture, different traditions how people outside of the village live and vice versa. Since we‰’re from Thailand, we have a very different culture to Borneo. It is amazing that we are able to share our culture and tradition and a great way for us to see and learn new things as well. ‰Reshma

They were very enthusiastic and I‰’m really happy. We were teaching English and since it is universal, so I think it is very useful for them to learn and this will provide opportunities for them to grow. -Pasu