Just arrived fresh off the press from Tommie in Tanzania. Whilst our colleagues were singing (out of tune no doubt) at the concert in London, beautiful little activities like this were happening across some of the villages we work in in East Africa (more coming from Kenya)… This year Camp Tanzania celebrated Peace One Day with a range of sports activities. Our volunteers arranged four (4) teams, Brown, Gold, White and Maroon which were later joined by Mwambani mamas, babas and watato (children). Our responsibility as staff was to sort out a few activities including athletics; three legged race; Slalom; Tug of war and a sack race. The previous years we marked this day by doing activities such as a village or beach clean up, tree planting and sports with Schools. So the involvement of adults was rare as even the Teachers did not get involved much. This year we decided to involve an entire village (Mwambani). But again we thought it would be a youngsters affair once again. To our surprise, the day was graced by the village authority. The chairman and his entourage were present. The men and women and their little ones were all at the playing field ready to participate. At some point it got so competitive that the kids were told to step aside so that the ‰ÛÏwazee‰Û could show them how it‰Ûªs done. A great day to embrace peace amongst the village that Camp Tanzania live and workåÊ in and share with the ever helpful Mwambani people. Let‰Ûªs make the world we live in a peaceful place for generations to come! LET PEACE PREVAIL! Tommie, Country Manager, Tanzania