We’ve been at this for a long time now and there is a lot of good reasons to keep it going. One: there’s a hell of a lot of rubbish floating around in the ocean and washing up on our beaches and two: there is a hell of a lot you can do with that rubbish. We have taken it one step further this year with the art we create and very soon, we intend to have everyone making trinkets for marine debris and even making a living from it. Laila, our resident Marine Program Coordinator and her team have had a lot of fun this summer at the Ocean Camp and made great strides to taking this one step further… After you have spent a week at the Ocean Camp, you will never look at a flip flop the same way you did before. The doors to a new colorful and creative world open to you! We spent the last four weeks turning flip flops into juggling balls, dolphins, turtles, bracelets, necklaces and a HUGE four meters whale shark structure! It all starts with a beach cleanup as we need to collect our precious raw materials. You would be amazed at how many flip flops (and other marine debris in general) are sitting on the beach waiting for someone to pick them up and turn them into masterpieces! We have collected bags and bags of rubbish in the last four weeks! Once we have collected the flip flop, all we need is some glue, a knife, and a lot of imagination, and the trick is done. It is quite amazing if you think about it: being able to turn something that was used for just a few months or maybe a year and has no further use (except for polluting the environment and possibly killing some marine life, of course) and then YOU can turn it into something useful and fun! Recycling really IS the best thing in the world (and yes, if you had spent the past four weeks doing what we did, you would bit as excited as I am about it!) Check out some of the amazing stuff our guys have made out of flip flops! You can probably now recognize Camp Kenya people that have passed through the Ocean Camp from the bracelets and anklets they wear! The flip flop project has got it all: we are cleaning the beaches, saving a few turtles and dolphin life, using our imagination and creativity to make beautiful handcrafts and we are having lots of fun while doing it! Some of the teachers already said that they want to take the idea back to the UK and start flip flop projects in their own schools. The flip flop mania is spreading abroad! DSC09828 Not only are we teaching our UK students how to turn marine debris into art, but we are also involving kids from local schools. They join us for a whole day and take part to the beach cleanups and the flip flop workshop. And that‰Ûªs how we spread flip flop recycling all over the coast as part of our long-term vision. Hopefully, by the end of the season, every person passing through ocean camp will have understood that we are ALL responsible for looking after the environment and the sea, which is where all the rubbish eventually ends up. If we manage to get that message across, I think we will be able to say we had a very successful season! IMGP1739 Laila and the Ocean Camp Team