Greetings from Borneo!

It’s the 3rd week into summer. We now have 14 teams in country and last group arriving in the morning. We will then be running our peak at all Camps around Borneo! It has been a really busy few weeks with arrivals and getting everyone settled in and get stuck in with all our projects and activities.

Over the last 2 quarters of the year we have launched a community centre, continued with on going projects building a kindie, gravity water feeds in a number of villages around Sabah, building some hanging bridges for local communities daily commute to their farms or homes, continued on our missions in planting more trees with our partnership at Batu Puteh, made some new environmental and wildlife conservation research projects/workshops and much more. A lot of organisation went into running our long term projects and we love to continue seeing it through this summer and beyond.

Follow us at for more photo updates when we get them from various staff from all locations throughout the summer. Our summer teams have been getting involved with many projects and activities from the first week of July and they are all doing a fantastic job so far. Love the efforts and enthusiasm put into everyday, rain or shine!

A lot of staff and interns running around the clock keeping everyone happy and safe at all times. We will try our best to get more updates on the ground with photos and news on our social networks to see the progress this summer and we hope you would bare with us as some areas of our project location has very limited or no internet access at all.