Welcome to Cambodia!

This year is the fourth year since it was established in 2011. We brought bigger and bigger group to support Cambodia development project. The number rises to 178 people in 2015 and divided into 8 different groups. There were two teams arrived last week, Summer Sarika Team and Summer Sek Team. They stayed in camp Beng Mealea and did the project works in Beng Mealea Community, before they went to trek to Kulen National Park. 

Summer Sek Team took a group picture in Beng Mealea ruined temple

Summer Sarika Team took a group picture in front of camp Beng Mealea, just before the trek


Summer Sarika team and Summer Sek team and local school kids are looking for the seeds in the jungle nearby the communty

Clean and paint the wall new collor

Teach the local kids to draw the animal pictures

Build the local English classroom in the village

The day was participated by the Cambodian English students

Develop the jungle garden in Beng Mealea. This project is to conserve the local knowledge about the traditional medicine.

Play sport with local school kids after the project time

Laying bricks to build the flower garden in the local school

Mixing the cement concrete to build the pathway in Beng Mealea school