And straight up from the field by PJ, Lauren and Alicia (on behalf of Etone Technology, Dyson Perrin and Birchwood KenyaåÊSchool Expedition Team)…. Camp Muhaka gave us our first taste of Kenya; the staff were friendly, the locals were welcoming and the weather was refreshing compared to back home. We were keen to find out what our project was for the duration at Camp Muhaka. When we were set the task to build a fence around a nursery to protect their land, we were determined to complete it before we moved on to Makongeni. During this time we managed to build the fence, clear the overgrown grassland, fill in two hazardous holes and create a six foot deep fire waste pit. We were able to interact with the local children and community which added to the once in a lifetime experience even more. The whole community were so kind, grateful and thankful for the work we had done, not to mention how amazed they were with how much we completed. We were so proud of what we had achieved. Untitled After Muhaka, we were determined to keep up our hard work and team spirit, by making a difference to another village as well. Makongeni gave us the perfect opportunity. On the first day, we were thrown into a Sports day with the local school, and then told about the two projects for us to work on. The next day, we got split into two teams of 12, and were given the tasks of laying foundations for a women‰Ûªs enterprise office and preparing windows and furniture for the new secondary school building. They were both really big tasks, teaching us new skills in carpentry and foundation-laying. We were determined to get them both done in our short 4 days of project work, despite what the project officers expected. By the end of our time, we realised how much of a difference we could make, and finished both projects: 13 windows, the entire office foundations and an extra job repairing a building full of broken school furniture.