As we are now in the second year of operating in Borneo and with the first school team currently swinging in their hammocks in the jungle‰Û_.. It‰Ûªs probably about time you met the team that works night and day to make it all happen! Here‰Ûªs a sneaky look behind the scenes! Now here‰Ûªs the people to keep on the right side of‰Û_. the cooks!!!! Of course we are here to help wherever we can ‰Û_ sometimes that does mean having to put the job first and taking one for the team‰Û_‰Û_.. umm like this week when we volunteered to try all 24 of the dishes that will be served at our camps this summer. It was a difficult job, and of course the diet is permanently on hold now‰Û_ but as long as we are helping‰Û_‰Û_ The most beautiful food ever! Here at Camp Borneo we have a number of drivers who help us get around from camp to camp and even put up with our atrocious singing along the way‰Û_ amongst those I am proud to introduce the very elusive Iffendy- this could well be the first documented picture of him EVER‰Û_ and it took some sneaky tactics to get it too! Also welcome to the newest driver in Camp Borneo‰Û_. Anna ‰Û÷the roadhog‰Ûª Mayhew who has been let loose on the roads of Sabah! Mike is our jungle and trekking guru!! He is the man to get you through life in the jungle and ensure you have a great time from start to finish! Our camp managers take on the all-important job of looking after our groups of students and teachers‰Û_ brave people hey?! We have the beautiful Eve in our newest camp Bongkud who has been overseeing the building work as well as preparing for the new arrivals. The whole family and community have been working together and welcomed us with open arms, yet more food and a screening of the world cup! Aieda has the hard job of being based on the gorgeous island of Mantanani. If you can block out the sound of excited volunteers and concentrate purely on the view‰Û_ you could argue it would be the best job in the world!!! Of course our guys here in the office‰Û_. they look after everyone and are the brains behind the operations, it is their job to have sleepless nights to ensure our teams are happy!!! First of is the beautiful Mel, the first of our Operation managers here in Asia- one of the most patient, friendly, considerate and hard working people you will ever meet- she sets the bar of what to expect from all local people here. And seeing as she was kind enough to put us up whilst we are in Kota Kinabalu‰Û_ I think it only fair she actually gets a nice picture inserted! Anth is also an operation manager for Asia, who started as a leader for us and was soon kidnapped by Camp Borneo‰Û_ he hasn‰Ûªt left the office since! He is our safety expert and also deals with progammes and activities, so as you can see below- he wears many hats! Yanti is another one to keep on the good side of‰Û_. she handles the money!!! But is also responsible for transport, logistics, admin, bookings‰Û_ basically everything!!!! Between such a small team, the dedication is obvious from how much they achieve- what an amazing team! Of course this wonderful team would be nothing without the efforts of our Asia Director- Mr Rory Hall, a great man who treats his staff like family and has the passion to drive any project. Of course all that work means there is never a moment of rest‰Û_.. Over all the guys here work extremely hard in order to run some incredibly worthwhile projects‰Û_ keep up the amazing work Camp Borneo!