Borneo‰! where do we start‰!

Let‰’s just say it’s been the most amazing experience so far; there‰’ve been ups, there‰’ve been downs, tears and laughter, but most of all , all of us have gained something (even though it‰’s only been 2 weeks!)

The first two days were probably the toughest for us all. After travelling for two days straight we were thrown in the deep end. The hard work and high temperatures mixed together were not what any of us expected. For us, this is when we learnt that sticking together and providing a support network for each other was the most important thing and now, after two full weeks, we are basically family.

So far, we have visited Tinangol, Batu Puteh and Bongkud and taken part in projects including: water systems, a play park, replanting of trees and a kindergarten. It is the most rewarding feeling after you have endured a day of blood, sweat and tears (quite literally!) but knowing you have helped a community in need.

There are many other highs of our trip so far too. Getting to know new people and learning a new culture has been fascinating. There are so many similarities and differences between England and Borneo. Probably many more we haven‰’t discovered yet too!

All of us in Team Burung love it here in Borneo! Here are our 5 top tips:

  • Keep singing
  • Don‰’t over pack
  • Get to know everyone in the team
  • Apply sun cream properly!!! (We speak from experience)
  • Have fun!