Life in Camp Tinangol, well where do I start? Because it has got so many amazing qualities. I think I might start with the camp itself. It has beautiful views and a relaxing atmosphere. It is big and spacious but not too big that you have to walk for ages! It is on the edge of the jungle and the sounds are amazing. The long houses are spacious and surprisingly comfortable. They are made out of all natural materials so they blend in with the environment and it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. It is surrounded by wildlife.

The staff here are so friendly, they welcome you like you’re family. They take care of you to make sure everything is alright. They cook delicious food which ranges from rice and noodles to eggy bread and porridge. There is always something for everyone. There is a volleyball court which helps bring other campers together in a cheeky match! They have a chill out hit which is a good social area too.

When you first get to Camp Tinangol you get a welcome dance from the local tribe and they teach you their tribe’s dance which is a wonderful experience because the local community go out of their way to make you feel welcome and at the end of every dance they give you a beaded necklace which they have handmade. You can see that they have spent a lot of effort making them and they are gorgeous. You get to make spring rolls from scratch which is an experience and they taste delicious and whilst they are cooking Kenny the camp manager gives you a lesson in Malay to learn the basics.

The projects that you get to work on are fantastic and you really do feel like you’re making a change. For example, my team have been working on a water system to give the local village clean water to drink instead of dirty water from the ground. The local children are adorable, full of smiles and insanely fast! They are extremely friendly and they come sit and chat or you can play games with them. Even if you are feeling low they manage to make you smile and laugh and make you really appreciate what you have and make you wish that you thought of the games that they played when you were a kid! All in all,

Camp Tinangol is like home and like one big family. They have about 5 dogs that love living on camp which are so friendly and amazing guard dogs! I would recommend this place to anyone because it is gorgeous!