After such a long journey, arriving at Camp Tinangol was a relief. The expectations of the food were pretty low but we were all taken by surprise at how good it was and seconds were even on the cards! Sleeping in a long house on the first night was an experience, especially feeling almost exposed to the outdoors but good sleep was had all around. A 6am wake up call was a little early but we were all ready and raring to go! The walk to the project site was pretty far but everyone kept the spirits high for the day of work ahead. The three projects we were set to work on were a playground at the local kindergarten, a retaining wall and an area for a new water tank. Many of the tasks involved cement mixing and brick laying but everyone got stuck in even when the temperatures reached nearly 40 degrees. After a hard morning’s work and many litres of water later some of the local children came to play with us. Everyone is having a great time and we can’t wait for the rest of the trip.

Sam Bott, 17, Team Orangutan

Everyone else in the team sent their good wishes. They are missing everyone back home but want everyone to know that they are well and having a great time! Here are their messages :

Sam- hi to Mummy Bott, Chloe and Sydney! Love you 

Amy- hi to Mum, Dad, Brad, Lois, Nan and Adam! Love you all!

Monica- I’m having such a great time, I hope you had a great time in Portugal! I love you all 

Gemma- I’m having a great time. Miss you. Love you!

Courtney- I’m having a lovely time, many experiences. Love and miss you all!

Jodie- having a great time but missing you all! 

Connor- I’m really enjoying myself 

Hollie- having a great time. Missing you all!

Tom- Doing really well, haven’t got malaria. Don’t worry! 

Harry- hi 

Elliot- having a great time 

Lee- making so many memories. The place and people are fantastic and I miss you all

Calvin- see you in 3 weeks 

Dan- s’up

Ross- having a great time!

Olly- did you record Humans Sunday Channel 4 @ 9pm miss you!

Nick- Sikit Sikit, Lama Lama Jadi Bukit

Joseph- Doing good working hard

Mo- people and place are amazing miss you 

Amy G- life is tough but so enjoyable love you all

Ruth- everyone is having a fantastic time doing glitho proud!

tash- having a great time and loving making memories through new experiences 

kaitlyn- having a fabulous time here! Such a great experience and lots of knowledge for the future!

Ella- having a fab time, well hot though! See you soon 

Mollie- having such a good time, miss you all, Bella most 

Katie- missing you all so much. Having such a good time 

Anja- guys, I love you so much and am having a great time

Jess Zara- having the BEST time and I love you Mum, Dad and Matt! x

Ashleigh- having a sweet time with my best mates lolz

Haley- I’m having an AMAZING experience and missing you all so much

Georgia Ewen- Camp Tinangol is amazing! I actually am enjoying the food.

Claire P- the progress from 2012 is so nice to see, more amazing students making lots of difference 2015 xx