This really made me “tabasamu” Tanzania! (thank you Georgia Leonard!) [[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”fid”:”3814″,”attributes”:{“class”:”media-image”,”typeof”:”foaf:Image”,”height”:”315″,”width”:”560″,”style”:””}}]] And also just received a first hand account from our gappers in Tanga so big thanks to everyone who keeps us all smiling…. Life in Camp Tanzania has been tiring yet rewarding as we complete various projects. Our first task was to complete the kitchen for the mamas of the village. Work on the kitchen had already begun so when we stepped into our jobs finishing the construction of the wall, which involved mixing the mud using our bare feet and throwing it at the wall – dirty work but a lot of fun! We then had to plaster and paint the kitchen while others assisted the mamas with weaving to make makutis for the roof, with help from the village children. We personally handed the kitchen over to the mamas with the inscription mtaji wamasikini nguvuzake mwenyewe kazaro ufike ‰ÛÒ “poverty is dependant on how hard you work” and an English inscription Service with a smile. We completed the kitchen at the beginning of the second week and after a lot of celebration we moved onto the main project of constructing a nursery for the local children. This was back breaking, blister making, mentally and physically exhausting work but support from the volunteers and locals alike helped us along. But it wasn’t all hard work! Camp life has been lively, eventful and especially memorable. We were lucky enough to attend an African wedding which was a magical, festive experience full of fun, laughter and lots of African dancing! We also got to enjoy a relaxing weekend at Peponi beach resort. Once the boys finally managed to pitch their tents with help from the girls we were free to swim in the pool, stroll along the beach and eat pizzas (a rarity in Camp Tanzania!). We also all got the chance to go snorkelling and travel on a traditional African boat to an isolated sand bank, despite a bit of sea sickness we all enjoyed the experience! Weekends were much anticipated to stock up on our weekly chocolate fix at the local supermarket and use the internet to contact family and friends. We also got a taste of the African nightlife at a Tanga nightclub. The boys got involved in football matches against the villagers and we all took advantage of the beachfront location to soak up the sun and sea! We are now beginning our final week of project work with the added bonus of partaking in traditional village work and are very excited about our two day safari to round off our trip. We’ve had an unforgettable experience and have plenty of stories to share with our family and friends. From everyone here – Amy, Line, Lotte, Thomas, Issy, Kayleigh, Treena, Hannah, Tall Ben, Small Ben, Sarah, Sebastian, Bruce and Konstantine Hakuna matata! Tabasamu Tanzania!