Holly and Rebecca on our Kenya Gap Year Program seem to also have the blog bug! Thanks for sharing… Over the weekend the other campers returned to the group, so project work was in full force with all 33 of us. On Monday, we began work on the large fish ponds with the Baraka Women’s Mangrove Conservation Group. The villagers can then fish in these for food or sell the fish on so they can earn an income. Our work was to add sand and mud to the walls as they are slowly being worn away by the water. By digging up the mud and sand it meant we were restoring the walls and repairing the damage so that the fish cannot escape. Untitled Over the week, we also had a turn at carpentry, building school desks for the new school building. We also did some work in the mangroves, collecting the seeds from the local mangroves and then planting them in small bags, which were filled with black mud (as this has the most nutrients). Untitled1 Friday was our fun day, after our half way party the night before and being kept up the majority of the night by a local wedding, we were all fairly tired. In the morning we were taken to visit the wedding and saw how different weddings here are. The bride was not dressed in our traditional white but in a bright luminous green, it was also the grooms‰Ûª second wife! We then moved onto the mangroves where we had spent most of our week, we then tried our hand at fishing so we could fill the newly restored fish ponds with fish and shrimps. A lot of us had images of sitting in the sun with a fishing pole at a river catching fish; however it was a lot more hands on than that. We were given large nets between two and had to take an end each and wade through the small rivers and ponds, the aim was to catch fish, some succeeded and others, let‰Ûªs just say we wouldn‰Ûªt make very good fishermen/women. Untitled2 The afternoon was sports day. We went out onto the school field and took part in sack races, three legged races, egg and spoon races and tug of war, much to the amusement of all the school children who crowded round to watch and laugh at us. After we had finished, the children were eager to join in with the fun and games. It was amazing to see their happy faces as we sang and danced with them; it reinforced our reasoning for being here. I think for a lot of us it was easily our favourite afternoon we have had at camp, and it was all thanks to Gladys‰Ûª organisation. Untitled4 Our weekend was chilled out, we got given the opportunity to go shopping in a local area called Ukunda and go to a curio shop. The rest of the weekend was spent at the beach in the sun having cocktails. Camp Makongeni has been extremely busy this week but the staff have been as friendly and helpful as ever, sorting out every little problem and constantly making us feel welcome. The food as usual has been brilliant and I don‰Ûªt think we have ever eaten so much. We are all looking forward to getting back to the chicken shed project next week and enjoying our last week at Makongeni as a group before we split off and go to different camps. Untitled5