We are quite proud of our new status as Garbage Warriors in Kenya. Discarded Flipflops, bottles and tyres have become an integral part of our programs providing materials for buildings and a source of income for the growing flipflop artisan community of Diani. Here’s a little slice into the trash treasures… The Trust House Community Tailoring Center going up with bottles: Building with bottles Our Permaculture Farm Tree Nursery going down with bottles (for waterproofing) Untitled And at Kaya Muhaka Forest Tree Nursery, we are using them for terracing and soil erosion control: Untitled Meanwhile our first greenhouse walls went up with old tyres and bottles… Untitled And of course our flipflop artwork is getting better and better with our latest sculptures done with Benson Gitari and team and commissioned by Amani Tiwi Beach Hotel almost ready.. Flipflop Turtle Sculptures for Amani Tiwi Beach Hotel