In the football match, the refferee whistled for the start of the game. The teams begin to kick the ball and challenge each other to get the goal. For my Cambodia team, the first day of the year is the start of our game. We are committing to work harder and the challenging the result in 2014 is our goal. We are working together with all volunteers from around the world on numbers of projects to develop our poor community. The photos below are the evidence about our project works from our groups of volunteers in the beginning of 2015.

In Beng Mealea Camp

Explore the 1000 years old ruined temple Beng Mealea

Digging and carrying the soil to fill up the foundation for the reading area in Beng Mealea School

The participation by the local kids when they are available after the lesson.

Giving the donation to the teachers and students from three different schools around Beng Mealea Camp

Learn plastering the concrete cement on the wall at the school accommodation construction site.

Building the concrete pathway in Beng Mealea School

Learn about the compost and building the compost box in the jungle garden

Digging the hole for growing more traditional medecine plants in the jungle garden

In Beng Pae Camp

Preserving the dam to keep the water in the lake.

Paint the classroom in Beng Pae School

Building the house for the poor family in the village

Packing the natural fertalizer in the tree growth in the tree nursery