Our volunteers have been tirelessly building an emergency ward in Muhaka dispensary since January 2013. The aim of this project was to provide a place where serious patients would be able to be admited and receive sufficient medical treatment from proffessional Doctors and Nurses. I thought by sharing this bit of story and inspirational achievement done so far by our volunteers, will make your day a nice one‰Û_‰Û_


Muhaka community dispensary was officially opened in 1943 .Until recently it has been the only dispensary, covering up to 12,000 people within the six villages in Kinondo location.

The dispensary had no emergency ward for patients to stay overnight or pregnant mothers to deliver and thus the community depended on Msambweni district hospital, which is over 25kms away. The transport is insufficient and many people in Muhaka cannot afford to hire a vehicle to transfer their patients, for further medication in case of emergency. This problem aggravates and has led to several mortality cases that would have been treated.

Camp Kenya through its volunteers support took the initiative of building an emergency ward for the dispensary in the year 2013.

Volunteers digging foundation of the  Emergency Ward

The project was well received by the local community and the government and our volunteers gave their maximum energy and effort to build it. 

The emergency ward is now completed and we are all happy to cellebrate this great achievement.

We hope that the emergency ward will soon have better medical equipments and facilities and potentially address all emergency cases in Muhaka community.

It was so inspiring, when the Muhaka village elders turned in during the emergency ward‰Ûªs handing over, to say a word of thanks and appreciation to our volunteers, who solidly gave out their physical and financial support.

The Elders officially receive the emergency ward with lots of smiles and the Nurses in charge were so happy and excited to start using it.

We also gave out few medical types of equipment that were donated by our UK nurses of which we know they will be of great help to the nurses when handling patients.

The handing over of the emergency ward was necessary, we thought that as we still waiting to install the necessary medical equipments and staffing; the building can be utilized in the best way possible.

We cannot thank enough our sincere volunteers who have been always committed to help us empower the poor communities and marginalized groups through our sustainable community project work.

Camps International and the entire Muhaka Community would like to extend their sincere gratitude to the Pabari & Radias families and friends for the funding for this project; without which it would not have been possible.

Volunteers plastering the emergency Ward