We’ve had a fantastic summer in Kenya-Camp Tsavo and at the moment we are all back home safely. I  thought to share this amazing experience with you………………….

Breakfast was  as usual at 7:30am and then we were off to project work! The projects varied from improving primary school infrastructures to helping local women in their farms as well as helping to expand water catchment in a wildlife sanctuary.

In my 2 weeks in Kenya I helped refurbish a classrooms, build foundations, make school desks, harvest peas and thread beads ,dig trenches to collect water for wildlife in Rukinga sanctuary.

Desk making at Sasenyi primary School

At Sasenyi Primary school, half of the classrooms had already been built by previous volunteers from Camps International.It was big motivation for the whole team that the work that we did was making a huge difference, even though we only saw slight progress on our projects.

We also have had more relaxed days, like a safari in Tsavo East national park. In one day we saw Lions, Elephants, Zebras, Buffalo, Warthogs, and Giraffe.

Basically the entire cast of Lion King. After a hard day‰’s work we also had plenty of time to relax. The facilities at Camp Tsavo where better than expected‰ showers, toilets, electric sockets etc. It wasn‰’t quite the Ritz but still had plenty of home comforts.

There is also lots to do, the local women‰’s group run a gift shop where you can buy drinks, souvenirs and t-shirts. We also played football with the local kids and got to know a few of them pretty well.

Dinner was really tasty and there is always loads of it. There‰’s nothing better than a hot plate of curry or stew after a hard days graft! After dinner there were plenty of group activities like quizzes, Pictionary and cards.

There was also a campfire for roasting marsh mallow‰’s and chocolate banana‰’s as the sun sets over the African plains. You really can‰’t beat it.

When we left we were really sad to see the last of Camp Tsavo, the staff had really made it feel like home away from home.

Not only did we all really enjoy our time in Kenya but we were also a small part of a positive change in the local community. All of the fundraising was definitely worth it, especially since I might not get a similar opportunity to experience something so out of my comfort zone and make a real difference at the same time.

Kenya Hakuna Matata! (Means Kenya no Worries)


By Ian

Beverly School