Anyone who has visited Camp Bongkud over the last year will know the unique nature of the welcome dance there. All of the Camps at Camp Borneo have their own variation of the welcome dance because they are all located in different areas of Sabah with very distinct cultures and traditions. But the dance at Bongkud, a Kadazan Dusun danceåÊperformed by a local troop of children from the nearby school, has become particularly noteworthy for it’s ability to turn even the most surefooted amongst us into bumbling two-left-footers! The aim of the dance is to step over bamboo poles that other dancers are tapping on the ground and then slapping together in time to the music. Though it looks (and sounds) painful it actually isn’t, but not wanting to find out does act as good motivation to perform it well. As with all our traditional dances, we encourage the volunteers to give it ago. Below are some photos of Langley, Honiton and Ilfracombe doing just that, with mixed results.