We have completed another Snowdon adventure and are all feeling the pain in our arms, legs and bums, but even so we have taken some amazing memories away from the experience! So we were all packed and ready to leave at 7am on Saturday morning for the 5 hour drive from Bournemouth to North Wales. We had our tunes, sweets and most importantly our pillows for a nap on the journey. As we entered Wales the scenery started to change from boring motorways to stunning, winding country roads and hills filled with sheep (I notice these things as I am from Wales after all!!) After hours of ‰ÛÏare we there yet?‰Û the mountain appeared in the distance and we all got really excited – me more than anyone – as I hung out of the window with my camera trying to catch a good shot! When we arrived at the hostel the teams started to turn up. Everyone seemed to be in high sprits and looking forward to the climb. After they all settled in we had a few safety briefings, dinner and then it was off to bed with lights out for everyone to catch some much-needed sleep before the exhausting climb ahead of us! It felt like as soon as we went to sleep our alarm clocks started ringing and we all staggered around like zombies getting our kit sorted so that we could join our teams. Bea and Cheryl and I were placed to walk with Beaconsfield who headed out first. Behind us with Lyndsey and Lynsey with Thomas Aveling High School and Devizes School. And then last but not least with Hannah and Anna was Westholme High School. As we started walking we could see that this wasn‰Ûªt going to be a straightforward walk up the mountain and we were going to have to be determined to make it and hope that the rain would hold off for us. The girls in my group were amazing from the start. We were singing and chatting and in very high sprits. All the other teams seemed just as upbeat and all we could see and hear were loads of little lights and singing in the distance. On the first half of the climb we stopped a few times to adjust our boots and take some layers off as we were all getting really warm. While we were resting I went round with my video camera filming our adventure as best as I could but everyone ran away from my camera, so I realised I was going to have to be sneaky with it! As we climbed higher and higher the mountain became steeper and we really had to get down on our hands and feet and climb up the rocks. Our buddies played an important role in this and we all worked as a team to get everyone past the difficult parts. Everyone did really well to keep morale high and people moving by motivating their friends and giving them a helping hand when it was needed. As we approached the top we could see that the snow coverage was going to make it too dangerous to make it to the summit. We all had to wait on a snow covered ledge and scramble up slippery hills to get to the top of the mountain but it all seemed worth it when we realised we had make it to the top even though it wasn‰Ûªt the highest peak. We huddled like penguins for a while to keep warm until it was time to make our way back down. As we got closer to the bottom we all started to get tired and achy but we kept it together and kept walking just thinking of the bacon at breakfast!! Each and every student, teacher, marshal and leader played such an important part of us all getting up the mountain to achieve something amazing together. This year was one of the hardest climbs we have done so everyone should be very proud of themselves! I am still buzzing from the experience! Thanks all for such a wonderful weekend!!