This last blog is being written on our last day in Kenya: we are on the verge of leaving Kenya to either go home or go to Tanzania.

We‰’ve had some amazing experiences, learned a lot and wouldn‰’t have missed it for the world.

We went on a safari at Tsavo East Safari Park and saw elephants, buffalos, giraffes, zebras, dik-diks, monkeys and many more.

On another day we did Wildlife Monitoring, which led us through amazing remote places where we saw a lot of animals as well.

The morning before the game drive we went to a waterhole, where we started to dig a trench which would lead water

from the road to the waterhole, to provide adequate amount of water for the animals during the dry season.

In our last week we have done two long hikes up Marungu Hill behind our camp, which were both a real challenge.

The roads were very steep, leading us through the remote bush up to the top of the mountain.

We learned how to build shelters, to shoot arrows and to make fire the traditional way.

Most importantly, however, was finishing the toilet block for the Itinyi Primary School;

We worked on it for a whole month, which made the process of completing it a very worthwhile experience.

We hope the students will happily use the toilets for the foreseeable future. On the last day of working on the toilets,

We handed over 41 uniforms, some pens and pencils to the neediest students of the school.

The school organized a ceremony, involving the whole school, in which the students sang a couple of songs and we were

Lucky enough to plant two trees to commemorate the occasion.

We‰’ve had the most amazing experience in Kenya, an experience we will never forget.


Blog by Kim,Tim,Hariet,Sally and Bea