Please feel free to pop over to Camps International HQ, Unit 10 Kingfisher Park this coming Thursday 29th May to show your support of our 100% Giving Day. Our aim is to fundraise as much money as possible for The Camps Foundation, teamed with our staff across the globe! #campsgivingday

The Camps Foundation is our way of demonstrating our unwavering commitment to the wide range of projects and activities. We work exclusively in rural villages and wildlife conservation areas where poverty levels are high and there is virtually no form of income beyond small-scale farming, to build capacity in areas that would otherwise never benefit from tourism. Our projects in Africa, Asia and South America consist of:

  • Feeding Programs
  • Sanitation Projects
  • Building Homes and Schools
  • Educational Workshops
  • Wildlife & Marine Conservation
  • Reforestation

Our UK staff teams are set and we are gearing up for a jam packed day of challenges such as‰Û_

Community Team:

Ultimate Bake Sale! (Please come and purchase a tasty treat, you wont regret it!)

Environment Team:

Kingfisher Park Clean-Up! (We are clearing up all rubbish, glass and recyclable materials from around the carpark, woodland/lakeside)

Adventure Team:

Camps‰Ûªathlon! (Cycle, Run & Swim between Ringwood and Moors Valley to be completed by 12pm)

Wildlife Team:

Animal Fancy Dress! (If you see anyone dressed in ridiculous animal costumes roaming the industrial park, it‰’s us!)

And we must make a very special mention to our official sponsor for the day, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee! They have kindly agreed to sponsor free iced coffee all day long to keep the troops fired up and active.  So a massive shout out to Jimmy’s for their kind offer – and if you dont know who Jimmy’s are then check them out here  or on Twitter @jimmysicedcoffee, or on Facebook here.  And remember, as they say at Jimmy’s, #KeepYourChinUp #KYCU – thanks Jimmy’s!!