So the big day is approaching, the day you‰Ûªve either been looking forward too or more likely trying to forget about.  Yep I‰Ûªm talking about A-Level result‰Ûªs day, as if you needed reminding.

Hopefully once you get you‰Ûªre A-level result‰Ûªs you‰Ûªll be celebrating but with University applications at an all time high some students will unfortunately just miss out on their University of choice.

For those who do miss out, it might seem like the end of the world at the time but it really isn‰Ûªt.  You have loads of options.

You can go through clearing and take a different course or choose to study at a different University.  However with reports suggesting that many Universities are already full and clearing places are set to be cut by a third on last year you may decide against the clearing route.

If you do you could go straight into employment or you could take a gap year and defer University entry until the following year? Decisions, decisions‰Û_

Many education experts including, Teacher groups, Student groups and Parents groups have voiced their opinions that now is a great time to take a gap year, “do something positive like volunteering” and re-apply with a stronger more outstanding CV the following year.

If you do decide taking a gap year and deferring entry until the following year is the route for you, then we could help, in fact we could have the perfect solution for you!

By taking part in one of our 1-3 month gap year volunteer expeditions to Africa or Asia you can now undertake the CoPE Level 3 certificate, worth a whopping 70 UCAS points, the equivalent of an A grade at AS Level.

With such huge competition to get into University this could be the perfect way to:

  • Avoid the mayhem of clearing.
  • Gain some unique volunteer experience to put on your CV and make your university application stand out from the crowd!
  • Gain loads of transferable life skills that Higher education providers value.
  • Have a once in a life time experience!
  • Make a real difference to much less privileged communities.
  • Earn yourself 70 extra UCAS points to strengthen your University application!
  • ULTIMATELY help you to get into your University of choice! If you decide to take a gap year and travel there certainly can‰Ûªt be too many more productive ways to do it!

If you‰Ûªre interested in finding out more about our Africa and Asia volunteer gap programmes please click here to get your free brochure and DVD.

If you‰Ûªd like to know more about the CoPE Level 3 certificate and what is involved, please click here.

Good luck with your results!