Report by Peter Kai – Camp Kenya (Project Coordinator) Last yearåÊ in November, Camps International officially launched the Healthcare Outreach Programs with 25 medical professional who traveled all the way from UK to Kenya to provide free medical treatment and advice on nutrition, sexual health and hygiene and a strong jiggers eradication campaign within 8 villages in Msambweni District. The outreach program was a huge success and a clear indication that the needs are vast and wide with thousands of people on the South Coast of Kenya who have little or no access to basic healthcare and often unable to offer simple treatment. Untitled Based on our intervention last year, we launched a similar initiative with a group of 22 volunteers comprised mainly of practice nurses, healthcare assistants and social workers from the UK who arrived on 15th November. Once again, we set up 8 free medical camps in the same areas with certain additions to our program including spraying homes against pests (specifically jiggers), testing for malaria and provision of flipflops to the children (an initiative set up by the Happy Feet Program) Untitled Over the course of two weeks, they operated 8 free medical clinics tirelessly, providing general treatment and advice in different health issues facing the community which included; Malnutrition cases, self hygiene and sexual health, laboratory services were issued specifically for the malaria test. A Social malaria survey was also carried during this period to determine whether the community understands what causes malaria (we are currently analyzing the data and will be publishing in due course) Untitled Some of the Nurses who were there last year, made the job much simpler than before, organising the group into their respective working areas although once again they were surprised by the number of the water borne diseases and Jiggers in some of the 8 clinical stations operated compared to last year. Children below 10 years were the highest age bracket infected by Jiggers. All the patients infected by Jiggers were treated, given flip-flops and their houses sprayed thoroughly to prevent Jiggers spread. Untitled Below are just some of the achievements:- ‰Û¢åÊåÊ åÊ8 free medical clinics were effectively operated in the villages of Makongeni, Muhaka, Madago, Fihoni, Kilole, Mkwambani, Magaoni and Zigira ‰Û¢åÊåÊ åÊThe team successfully treated about 8,000 medical incidences within 2 weeks, and around 4260 people ‰Û¢åÊåÊ åÊThe volunteers also treated as many jigger patients as they could and fumigated about 200 houses. They also provided flip flops to the children to avoid re-infection. ‰Û¢åÊåÊ åÊMalaria tests was successfully carried in the field and treated accordingly. A special thanks to all the volunteers nurses from the UK who came out this year and to the following who have financially supported the clinics:

And of course the Camp Kenya staff and local community volunteers who worked tirelessly alongside our volunteer nurses…ASANTE SANA! Untitled