As a young boy I was very fortunate to have grown up in East Africa during the 70s and 80s surrounded by its beauty, culture, wildlife , proud and friendly people but at the same time I was hugely aware of the hardship and poverty the majority of its population endured on a daily basis. Back then schools really were not very focussed nor comitted to putting back into communities and affected wildlife so I never really had the opportunity to make a difference. In the early 90s when I finished my A’ levels the whole family left this stunning part of the world and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would return to this continent which gave me so much as a young boy.

20 years on I find myslef blessed again returning to East Africa with Camps International supporting 100s of International School children on expeditions of a life time giving back to these communities in East Africa.

For the past 2 summer seasons I have met some inspirational people whilst working in Tanzania, from students and teachers from the UK working so hard to to build schools, houses and maintaining wildlife conservancies, to the smiling and hospitable faces of the Tanzanians who have so little, to the great team Camps International have in country.

I just couldn’t let the summer of 2015 pass me by without sharing my experiences in pictures……ENJOY!!!!!!!

Gappers building the old man a new house in Kidia, foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro


One of the school teams combatting soil erosion at a local school

Camps staff always welcoming with huge smiles! KARIBU

Stunning mountain views on nearly every road trip

Laying the foundations for the classroom at Mbokomu School in the summer of 2014

Making of the desks & handing the classroom completed with desks August 2015! Fantastic job to all involved!

Very happy school children!!!!

Great waterhole project at Ndarakwai bush camp. Hard and mucky work! Lots of fun though!

Successful dive teams!

Successful Mount Meru Teams

New friends

Thanks to everyone involved for another spectacular Tanzania Summer!

KARIBU TENA (Welcome back)