Some serious skills happening this week, combined with an entrepreneur’s outlook and we have some super fundraising….I’m just going to pass you straight over to Annise!

I wanted to tell you about my fundraising story so that hopefully others will see it and either be inspired to do some of the things I’ve done or just be extra motivated to do more to help close the gap between what they already have and need to get!

In summer this year, I will be going on a 17 hour plane journey to PERU for a whole month to do various types of humanitarian work. In order to do so I have had to try my very hardest to raise £3,890 (and more for equipment, vaccinations etc).

When I started, I was completely overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. I started off with small cake stalls and local car boot sales. Friends and family donated prizes for a tombola which we held at our local village market. We raised £100 which was at least a small dent in the total but we still didn’t know where to go from there.

After a while, the fundraising fizzled out a bit as we didn’t really have a clear plan of what we were going to do and how we would raise money. We tried to think of crafty things to make as we saw they were quite popular at stalls. My mum has a sewing machine and so we racked our brains to think of something that would be a good seller. We came up with the idea to make something different that people could use to put their tablet on comfortably. We tested them on family and friends and received brilliant feedback.

Bean bag tablet holders

We went to craft stalls and tried selling a few with different patterns and materials and soon enough we had to clear everything out of the downstairs spare room and now it is completely dedicated to ‘tablet beanbags’.

Check them out in detail as we sell lots on:


(where we also post lots about my fundraising) and stalls at craft fairs along with other handmade items like mugs and cards.

bean bag tablet holder display

One business even made an order for 60 logo printed beanbags for clients at Christmas!

However, we do not owe all of our success to the beanbags. In June 2015 we decided to host an event as beanbag sales were slow and we wanted to keep up the money coming in each week. We did a lot of research into Race Nights as we had been to one the previous year for some children going on a similar trip with Camps International. We paired up with a girl who lived in my village who is also going on the trip and made a start planning for it.

We put tones of work into it, hand making signs, tickets, posters, getting donations from businesses for prizes, selling locally and asking school to advertise it too. Although we tried extremely hard to get people to come, unfortunately not many people turned up – most of whom were family and friends…

Race Night

Despite this, we managed to raise £600 which was £300 each- another dent in my total, but we were not disheartened by the disappointing turn out at our Race Night- we tried again.

Back to the drawing board…

As my dad’s side of the family are Italian and have amazing cooking skills we asked my Uncle Vincenzo who has been a baker all his life if he would help us with our next idea.

In October, they flew over for our Italian Feast! This time, we sold out almost immediately.

Over 80 people came which was more than we could fit in the venue, but we managed. Uncle Vincenzo and Auntie Lucia spent all week preparing a feast of authentic Italian food for everyone and it was a complete success raising a total of £1,300!

Italian night

I am almost at my target now, with only £300 to go and a bit more for other necessities for the trip and have already organised my next fundraiser; The Yorkshire 3 Peaks.

In April, me and a group of other students from my school will be attempting The Yorkshire 3 Peaks which is 24.5 miles on hilly terrain in under 12 hours.

I have had an amazing time with my family and friends in trying to reach my goal and cannot wait to actually go to Peru!


Ok everyone, you should know the drill by now. Keep sending those stories in as not only are you in with the chance of winning a head torch but it also really does brighten our day.

Please include a few paragraphs detailing what you have done so far in order to raise the funds, as well as anything that you have up your sleeve for the future. We also would like‰ … pictures, pictures and more pictures! Make sure these are of high quality so we can include these on our website and also so everyone can see with their own eyes how well you are doing!

Please email all entries to, we can‰’t wait to hear from you all! ? Remember, every Fundraising Friday Star will win a FREE HEAD TORCH! 

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Til next time guys,