Earlier February 2016 we moved from Camp Tsavo, Kenya to Tanzania our third Camp Kidia!

It is an amazing Camp located 1800 meters up Mt Kilimanjaro, nestled in coffee farms, banana and mango trees.

To acquaint ourselves, we were taken for a village tour. We walked to the Fumvhu local primary school where we were

informed by our leader that we will help refurbishing a classroom wall and floor.


The road had steep hills and as we walk down we realized that we will get fit very quickly as we will be walking up

and down to the school every day to do the project work.

Our life at Camp Kidia has been incredibly good the project that we have been doing has shown a lot of good progress.

The government failed to provide adequate resources to the school to enhance refurbishment resulting to classroom

walls and floors wearing out compromising children safety when schooling.

Fumvuhu sch (6)

Glad we were there to help, for the 3 weeks we got stuck in floor relaying and wall reinforcing as well as

cracks filling to prevent the walls from collapsing.


It was hard work, but so rewarding and beneficial to the less fortunate children who are daily struggling for education to thrive.


We have all worked and enjoyed the project work at the school. The smiles we saw on the children faces whilst

working at the school reminded us of the opportunity we had to change their life. We are so privileged and

we take things for granted sometimes. We’ve learnt the life here and gained a lot of courage to share what

we have with our new families and friends that we’ve met in Africa and opt to continue helping even more.


Not every day was project work day, every Friday we had a cultural activity, where we participate in the village daily chores;

learning about their way of life. We made local typical foods ‘Kiburu’; a banana and bean stew, and it was fun.

Kidia Cultural (17)

We also helped on animal husbandry where we were involved in feeding cattle and goats.

Weekends, we journey to Moshi town, an hour down the mountain which got its name from

the ‘smoke’ which hangs around Mt Kilimanjaro. It’s such an amazing experience! We go to the Keys Hotel to swim,

cook-off and eat pizza yum! We also visited a market full of clothes and tourist-dad shirts.

On Valentine’s Day, we all went out for a romantic meal as a group and exchanged secret cupid gifts that ranged from books to journals.

There was a really good live band who sang romantic 90’s and naughty’s hits. We later went for a midnight swim and got back at 1am.

Our visit to Mwamburi waterfalls was somethingthat one can hardly forget the views of the Mt Kilimanjaro and the breathtaking

landscapes surroundings are truly memorable. After the hard work we really needed that break and indeed it was a highlight of our stay at Camp Kidia.


We were all looked after by our amazing team of Camp staff; Frank for his all-round care, Chikira our amazing Chef for his inexhaustible

supply of popcorn, and Eustace for organizing everything exceptionally well!


We are now moving to our last Camp in Tanga and we cannot wait for the beach and sun. All excited to see what the next weeks will be.

Kwaheri (Means bye in Swahili), speak soon!

Blog written by Kidia Tanzania Gappers