We love this weeks entry! (as always) Matthew has worked SO hard to raise all this money, and so soon! Perfect example of ‘smashing it’!! Well done Matthew, great effort! Read on for a a fantastic end to the week….

When I first heard about the expedition I felt/thought that this experience would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. It would give me many opportunities that would allow me to progress in the future. After being told about some of the things that we will do while we are in Peru, it is similar to what I would like to do after I leave college. Therefore, it would give me physical experience which would be able to help me later on. As well as coming back with the experience, it will give me the opportunity to work with money, be more creative, work on some key skills that I would be able to use in everyday life, this is before and after the experience. So this is an opportunity for me not just to experiences different cultures and a different part of the world. But instead it gives me the opportunity to help develop and pick up some important life skills.


To raise my first amount I did a Big Breakfast within the local community. This is where i managed to raise £1500 through a cake stall, a raffle and tombola. This is all on top of serving the breakfast for 5 hours. But beforehand I decided that I would create posters in which would be distributed to the local primary schools, and posters which went up around adjacent villages to where the fundraiser was taken place. While I did this, I went in to local business to seek their support by asking if they would donate a raffle prize.


Many of the local business were very supportive. This is on top the local community which wanted to help as much as they could: I had received many donations. And then on the day of the event I received many cakes which were to be sold. I had even managed to make the local paper which helped advertise the event, this was through somebody in the village who’s interested in my expedition. Overall the big breakfast was very successful as we managed to raise the amount of £1500 after serving approximately 150 breakfasts.
Unknown-5I have also been doing smaller things where I work, these have taken places in special events where there has been a range of different customers. But on top of this I have worked more hours at my job. This has managed to raise a few extra pennies. I had also set up a Go Fund me page, this is where I have received donations from different family members, former teachers and friends of the family etc.

Next I am planning to do another Big breakfast like the one that I have recently done. This is because many of the people who came to the recent fundraiser have suggested that I do another once because thy enjoyed this one so much. Many of the people that came have said that I should do it annually. This must mean that it was good. A main fundraiser that I have decided that I may do is a charity ball at a local venue. I have also been given the opportunity sell refreshments at the New Year Day fireworks in the village that I live in. this gives me a perfect opportunity to raise more for my funds to Peru.



Yahoo! Good job Matthew!

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See ya next Friday!

Meg 😀