Ladies and Gentlemen! Feast your eyes on the wonderful star of the week, Charlie! If you ever feel like you are trying your hardest and not getting anywhere, this is exactly what you need to read! Charlie is already super far ahead and waaaaaaaay over target, she has already started paying off her final balance for NEXT year. What an inspiration! And the prime example of being able to do it, if you set your mind to it! Enjoy peeps..

My name is Charlie Deamer and I’m currently raising money to visit Peru in the summer of 2017. When I first heard about the opportunity, I knew there and then that I definitely wanted to give it a shot and begin fundraising straight away. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to raise all the money, as £4170 is ALOT of money to raise in the space of two years. However, I had a lot of support from close friends and family that were willing to help me raise money (which I am very grateful for) … without this support, I would never have been able to raise over £2000 in under a year!!

The first thing that I had to do to raise my initial payment of around £400 … this was the payment I worried most about. I thought to myself “how on earth am I going to get this money in just over a month?!”. I decided to set up a 30 day sponsorship page for people to easily sponsor me for upcoming events that I was planning. Thankfully… I have amazing family and friends that collectively helped raise over £500 in under 30 days, this I felt very grateful for indeed. As soon as the money was raised, I was able to pay my initial payment; and I felt over the moon that I had raised that money so quickly!cd1

My next challenge was to raise the second payment of £835. To raise this money, I set up many different bake sales in my school and my nans work in order for me to raise this money. From the bake sales alone, I raised around £250 which is amazing for doing such a simple event. Moreover, I used the remaining money from my fundraising page to contribute to this next payment; this boosted my total to about £400. I also sold some items on eBay to gain a small bit more money which further boosted my total to around £450. At this point I began to worry, the deadline was getting closer and was short of a fair amount of money however, my family helped me out and donated a small amount of money to my total (my total was then £550).cd4

At this point, I decided to arrange a MASSIVE event at the Harlow dog’s stadium by doing their team challenge. All I had to do was sell tickets, get prizes and make sweets to sell on the night to help contribute to my total amount. From selling tickets alone (to family and friends) I raised a whopping £850 which helped me complete my first payment of £835 with so much more left ready for my next payment in line! It doesn’t stop there … on the dog’s night itself, I raised £500 from selling tickets and sweets alone which I was completely shocked about. I was so grateful for everyone that came that night as, without them I would never have raised £1452 on one event (this, I was never expecting at all; I was so happy!).

I am soon to pay my second amount of £835 early, as well as contributing to my last payment for the trip with all of the money I raised on the dog’s night. Later on in the year, I’m hoping to put together a curry night to raise final amounts money for the trip as well as taking part in several summer fates (all information for upcoming events is put up on my public Facebook page Charlie helps Peru) … I’m determined to get to Peru next year!cd3



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Peace out!

Meg 😀