It is our pleasure to share with you the good work that our volunteers have successfully been doing in the first quarter of the year 2016 in Kenya at our beautiful  Camp Muhaka.

The Camp is located in a remote rural village which is amongst the most disadvantaged  local community with almost 70% people living below the poverty line and many people can’t afford to build a house. What’s more, it is not unusual to have entire families crammed into a one room, mud or thatch hut. These are often in very poor condition and it is not uncommon to find children or elderly people sleeping in a hut with no roof, or in houses which are quite literally on the verge of collapse.


Wall strengthening

Our Volunteers have been working solidly to help build and renovating houses for the less fortunate people for the past 12 years; our team of Gappers recently renovated a traditional Mud house of a 70 year old Lady which was at risk of collapsing.



Volunteers painting the house

The completion of the house has provided a durable home for the old lady whose house was a health hazard and required heavy repairs, without these she may have ended up homeless. At the moment this family is happy and protected from the harsh climate such as rain, hot sun and cold as well as tropical diseases.


Completed house

The need is vast; we shall continue to help build more traditional houses that are sustainable, for destitute families so that they can have the opportunity to live and embrace life as they work hard to break the cycle of poverty.

The project uses materials that are Eco-friendly and sustainable, and this makes it easier for the owner to maintain and repair the buildings after they handed over.


House handing over

A complete new traditional Mud house costs approximately £200 and most people cannot afford. The money is mainly utilized to purchase building materials, for example poles, sisal ropes, sticks, water and doors and windows from the local people, thus generating income for them.


Our volunteers and project officers provide manpower to ensure successful completion of the project. The community also benefits from job opportunities since most of the local roofing professionals are hired to help with erecting durable roofs and help fix doors and windows in the house.

The need is vast across Muhaka community and it is not possible to cover everyone’s needs in a single go. Therefore, we work with the local community elders who advise us accordingly and help to identify those families and individuals who are in a critical condition and need first priority within their respective areas.