Here is another fantastic Fundraising Friday Star! Louise! What a great example of hard work pays off! If you are feeling de-motived and not sure you can make it, have a read through this and you’ll soon realise you totally can! All you need is positivity and determination, you’ll be on that plane in no time! Enjoy!

Hi I’m Louise and I’m going to Cambodia with Camps International in summer 2017.  For me, when I first heard about this amazing experience it was a no-brainer: I didn’t hesitate in the slightest.  Of course, the thought of raising nearly £4000 in 18 months did seem a bit daunting at the time, but I was sure I could do it!



My first idea was “Louise’s Coppers for Cambodia”.  For this, I designed and printed labels summarising my expedition and then stuck them onto empty bottles and jars.  I put this on Facebook and told all my friends and family about it and was amazed at how many people offered to take a bottle to fill for me!  The great thing about this idea is that it costs virtually nothing (just the cost of printing the labels), people can take a while to fill them up as my expedition is still a while away, and (the best thing) people are filling them with silver coins as well as coppers meaning that my jars will bring in even more than I thought! My next project was a bake sale at school and this was really successful.  I made sure I took a tray up to the staff room to tempt the teachers who are always generous! I made a total of £60.


My mum and I then started thinking about a BIG event that would bring in lots of money. A family friend is a teacher of history of art so we decided to organise an evening combining an art talk with a 3-course French meal.  As the subject of the talk was Manet’s Bar Aux Folies Bergere, we called our event “An Evening at the Folies Bergère (or nearly…..).  We decided to join forces with a local charity that has a shop in our village. This meant that we could share the work and the marketing for the event.  We originally thought we would sell about 40 tickets but ended up with an incredible 82 people!



We held the event on a ‪Saturday night and (with the help of volunteers from the village), transformed the local village hall into an atmospheric delight!  We had fairy lights across the ceiling, tables with candles and shimmering tablecloths and some friends played French music as everyone arrived.  I gave a little talk at the start about my expedition and then we had a very busy, but magical evening, with plates of food flying out at top speed thanks to an army of helpers. I think that the success of this event was that we organised something that people actually WANTED to go to, not just to support a cause and, as a result, we had lots of people who may not normally have supported me.  The great thing was that loads of them enjoyed it so much that they asked us to do it again so maybe we will (when we’ve recovered!).  Perhaps a Cambodian evening next time………  Oh, and, by the way, we raised over £1350 so half of that is mine, bringing my running total to nearly £1400.


Just a few weeks after signing up for the trip I am already well on the way to raising my total and I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying the fundraising.


Louise, Devon

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Meg 😀