Each group of volunteers is always different: ages, countries, perspective of life and others, but always Camp’s crew learn something from them. A great group of guys from twelve to thirteen years old with curiosity and imagination who had a big impact in Camp Kuri Kucho. Their first impression was that San Pablo Urco, a community that has a very basic lifestyle in the mountain is very close to the movement, pollution and chaos of their city, Quito. From the beginning they asked all kinds of questions – Why does the community not have enough water? Does the community feel cold at night? Why does Cayambe volcano not appear?… Lot of questions that remind us of the wonder of childhood.


The experiences that this group had changed most of their visions of life. One of the activities they made at Camp was to create an artistic expression to give to the students from the local school. This artistic work was born from the feelings that they had in their experience. These poems, drawings and collages were very appreaciated by the local children and we got these wonderful examples from them:

Cuerpos Celestiales

Justin Vizcarra

El sol naciente alumbra
La tierra latente
Que con su canto alegre
Enorgullece al pueblo creciente.

La gente presente
Agradece al sol brillante
Que cada año inunda la
Llanura con su luz centellante.

La luna celestial
Protege al pueblo fugaz
Quien le festeja con sus bailes
Y con su gran sinceridad.

Celestial bodies

Justin Vizcarra

The rising sun shines
The land latent
With her singing cheerful
Proud of the growing town.
People present
Thanks to the bright sun
Every year floods the
Plain with its flashing light.
Celestial Moon
Protects the fleeting village
Who celebrates her with their dances
And with great sincerity.



The garden in the school Humberto Fierro was a good space for the group to learn about agriculture, medicinal plants, the process of planting and how to use tools. For most of them it was the first time using shovels, wheelbarrows, peaks and hoes. They learned very fast and now are experts doing it. The objective of this activity was to clean part of the land that the garden is used for the local students in the future and that they are able to continue planting. We did it very weel and the students and teachers from Humbero Fierro school are very grateful.



The “Minga”, or joint community work, is a perfect excuse to learn from the community and to meet local people. This time we helped the commmunity to clean the ditches of a main street that was paved a while ago. The community joined our group in a very friendly way, we learned from them and them from us. An example of the “randi randi” process of the worldview from the ecuadorian Andes: give and receive. To be reciprocal human beings.



The students had an insite to the deep knowledge and wisdom from the older generation in the community people during the oral tradition activity. We visited homes of grandparents of San Pablo Urco community to listen them talk about the traditions, tales, legends and customs from this magical past of Ecuador. Volunteers went back home with a different worldview after the visits


Each group is always a new oportunity of learning. Thank you San Pablo Urco!

Tatiana Rocio