I was so pleased to hear from Drew after she had completed her expedition to Peru in the summer of 2015.  Through my conversations with Drew I was pleased to learn that her experience in Peru with us had impacted her in such a positive way.  Not only did she fundraise to get herself on her expedition, but when she returned she was determined to raise some extras for The Camps Foundation – our charity that provides continuous and ongoing support to our projects.  Recently Drew let me know that she has had some fundraising success… but I’ll let her tell you about it!

Last summer I experienced an adventure of a lifetime when I was in Peru for a month! We were involved in some amazing community projects, like helping to build a greenhouse for a school, toilets to improve basic sanitation and classrooms next to Lake Titicaca. We challenged ourselves on the Salkantay trail to Machu Picchu, which boasted the most amazing views, stayed on a floating island on Lake Titicaca itself, and I experienced Peru’s culture first hand – from its remote villages to its busy cities, all with people that would soon become friends for life.

Start of trek!

It was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, but because of it I completely changed where my future was headed. It was the concept of making a difference in peoples’ lives which made me want to go on to teach and one day, I hope to do this in less fortunate countries such as Peru. It was for this reason I wanted to try and give back to those who have enriched my life so much over there. It was my local Lions club, who had already helped massively with sponsorship beforehand, who supported me in achieving this.

Colca project work- greenhouse

With their help, I entered a competition to try and win a bursary, with the hope it could go towards further ensuring the projects we had helped, would continue. To take part, I had to prepare a speech to perform in front an audience, and then be interviewed by a panel of judges. I was therefore delighted when I was chosen for the £500 bursary, especially as beforehand public speaking was definitely not my thing!

My Lions Club at competition

I would have never imagined that an adventure such as Peru could have shaped my life so much or me as a person, so thank you to everyone that enabled this to happen.

A huge thanks to Drew for her additional fundraising for the Camps Foundation. We are glad to know that your expedition was such a positive and memorable experience for you! :)