We have had lots of bag packing related questions, this prompted me to write a (hopefully) helpful guide! Using everyone here at Camps’ knowledge, here are a few hints and tips which will enable you to pack both wonderfully and practically!

How will it possibly all fit in your bag? It definitely will! This is something you need not worry about, the Kit Lists are written with this aim in mind, we wouldn’t set you an impossible task!

Lay out everything that you want to take – if you follow our kit list to the letter, you will be totally groovy!

Get your bag out and ready, in all its fine glory! Your sleeping bag will need to go in first, this will be your bulkiest item. Tighten the straps as much as you possibly can, this will result in maximum space for everything else! Briefly re-visiting the kit list, try not to take anything that isn’t on here – you wont need it. Remember, you’re the one lugging it around!

Try your best to do it yourself! Help from mum and dad is great but unfortunately they wont be on expedition with you! Pack-unpack-repack-pack! This way when your departure date approaches, you will be a packing superstar. You know where everything is and almost immediately to hand.

Put your socks and pants in your shoes, use space efficiently. If you are of the big footed variety, can your t-shirts fit in your shoes too? Speaking of shoes, walking boots! A top tip is to WEAR these to the airport, on the plane you can take them off and thats one less thing in your rucksack!

Dry Bags! Put your clothes in these for ultimate dryness, they can be compressed and squeezed nice and small. These can also help you organise your clothes so you know where everything is specifically bottoms in one, tops in the other etc etc!

When it comes to your medication (if you need to take any with you) make sure this is in your hand luggage, if in the unlikely event, your luggage isn’t immediately to hand, this means you will have your medication on you!

Make super use of your wide necked water bottles, and fill these with useful small things. For example – toothbrush/toothpaste, hand sanitiser, small toiletries etc

A good idea, if you are a reader, take a book?! Just take one and if you finish it, you can swap it with somebody else that has brought one too! If books are not your thing, don’t worry! Pack of cards? Uno? A Frisbee! Fun and games that can involve everyone is a great shout.

Check out the video below featuring the wonderful Rachael! She has brought in all of her kit and this video shows you how to pack your bag! – ENJOY :)

Peace out!