One of the most important questions a person can ask about pretty much anything is ‘why’…it also happens to be almost ALWAYS the first question people ask in connection to fundraising

 “Why should I sponsor you?”

Knowing how to answer this question well is your golden ticket to successful fundraising-

You might know the reason you’re planning to get up at the crack of dawn to serve tea and biscuits but unless they know, you’re never going to get the best out of your fundraiser…

Write a list..


  • Make yourself a cuppa, grab a pen and cast your mind back to that very first meeting you had at school
  • Ask yourself what was it that initially caught your interest?
  • Think about not only what was said but also about how the information was presented. Were there particular words, phrases or photos that grabbed your attention?
  • Do some further research into Camps and make sure you are comfortable talking about what you will be getting involved in
  • Try to think of questions people may ask you and how you would best answer them

Understand why Camps are NOT a charity

You will be doing project work on your expedition and you will have a “hands-on” approach, but you cannot say that you are travelling with, or for, the charity. You will be travelling through the business because we have to provide you with flights, insurance and ATOL protection, which we cannot do as a charity.

We have a charity that runs alongside the business called The Camps Foundation. The Camps Foundation raises the additional funds needed to support the huge range of project commitments by Camps International.

The company (Camps International) pays for all administration of the Foundation, meaning 100% of monies raised through Camps Foundation goes on projects.

But remember, when you travel with Camps International on expedition, approximately 40% of your money is spent investing in local economies, communities, wildlife and environmental conservation.

Learn the different aspects of Camps…

  • Community– you will stay in our camps that are co-located within local communities in which you will be undertaking project work. This could be anything from building new classrooms to seaweed farming. cartoon kids in a row
  • Environment– all our expeditions have a strong environmental project element and we visit some of the most amazing environments on the planet, but these are under constant threat. Our aim is to help protect the natural environment through projects like tree planting, establishing sustainable practices and education.
  • Wildlife- we work to maintain and support the natural environment surrounding the local communities in which we are based. As we don’t undertake hands-on wildlife work, our main focus is on activities such as reforestation, digging waterholes and snare collecting to name a few.images
  • Adventure an expedition wouldn’t be complete without a specific adventure challenge. We therefore give schools the chance not only to choose to go but what adventure they would like. This could be trekking up a mountain, or in the jungle, or scuba diving.summer-solstice-boy-adventure-cartoon-598x400

Think about how the expedition will benefit you

People are tens times more likely to sponsor YOU rather than a company, think about how going on expedition with Camps will directly benefit you.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • The opportunity to experience new culture and traditions in a safe environment
  • The chance to challenge your personal boundaries by taking part in the scuba or the trek
  • The opportunity to develop independence by being away from home for so long
  • Fine tuning your problem solving skills and working towards  goals as part of your fundraising journey
  • Making new friends/cementing old friendships with this shared experience of a lifetime
  • Trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone
  • Having something amazing to put on your CV/college/university applications that will make you stand out from the crowd

Think of all the skills you will learn! Dedication, commitment, personal organization, money management, communication skills! Not to mention any presentation skills you may develop, sales skills, or even cooking skills!

Some people have produced books – recipe, colouring and short stories, others have made jewellery and key rings, plus arts and crafts galore!!

Now think about how your efforts will benefit others

  • We are the only expedition company to own, manage and operate 25 permanent and exclusive camps in the heart of rural communities and wildlife areas, bringing significant revenue and assistance to the poorest rural communities that would otherwise not benefit from tourism.
  • With an in-country team of over 150 local staff, we employ locally, pay fairly and treat ethically. Our permanent presence in our destination countries allows us to maximise benefits to the people and wildlife that need it most by committing year round to our projects, so you can be confident that the work you do will have a lasting impact on areas that you visit.
  • Working with communities is not unique to us; the way we do it is. Our award-winning projects are developed in partnership with local communities and address poverty, healthcare, education, welfare, conservation and environmental awareness.


Practice, practice, practice

  • People respond positively to passion. If you can talk with confidence about the ‘why’ aspect of fundraising for your expedition, you are already half way there
  • Remember that your sponsors might not even have heard of Camps, you can’t expect people to donate without first knowing exactly why they should
  • Inspiration is the key! A lot of the time people do not like to donate to causes where they cant see where their money is going. Reminding sponsors that you will be actively taking part in project work often inspires people to donate.
  •  A picture speaks a thousand words, have a look at our Instagram page and show others where to look

Those people who work hard at getting themselves on expedition, get the most out of their expedition.

Good luck with your fundraising!

Stay groovy!

Meg :)