92% of students choosing a gap year do so to gain life experience* – What would you like yours to be?

It’s easy to dismiss or underestimate the true value of taking a gap year, an experience which will stay with you and potentially change your outlook on life forever.


There are no set rules to taking a gap year; although we call them ‘Gap years’ the timescales of these trips usually vary from a few weeks to months, or in some cases a whole year or more.

The benefits of taking this time and exploring a wider world cannot be underestimated

Whether you choose a rainforest adventure whilst helping to plant and nurture new trees to combat deforestation, or going on a big game safari and then installing fresh water tanks into local communities to ensure villages have access to clean water, the things you will do, see and experience will truly open your eyes to a whole new world.

The benefits of taking a gap year will be very personal to you, many people highlight the real sense of success and purpose gained when the work they do directly impacts on someone’s life for positive long-lasting reasons. You’ll undoubtedly build and develop your communications skills, learn to solve problems as and when they arise and work as part of a team to make sure you complete inspiring projects.

There’s absolutely no doubt you will laugh, smile and enjoy the experience with a mix of working hard to complete life-enhancing projects, enjoy some unforgettable moments in some of the true wonders of the world. You’ll also enjoy time out for much needed relaxation and downtime to marvel at the amazing scenery surrounding you.

These experiences will touch your heart and open your mind, affecting how you see your day-to-day life, reassess your priorities and realise how much impact one person can truly have. They can help to change your views on what you want to do and the direction in which you’d like to go.

One journey can also help to provide you with a whole range of real life experiences to share with your family, friends, future employers and colleagues alike. Everything you see, do, engage with and undertake will give real life examples of situations where you’ve worked well with other people, overcome adversity to get the desired result or applied things you have spent the last decade learning into real life. Trust us; the value of this cannot be underestimated.

Employers will always look for experience over academic results, so this experience will help to shape how strongly an employer considers you and will help you to stand out over other applicants.

*Source American Gap Association, Gap Year Data & Benefits