So far our projects have benefitted over 35,000 of the poorest people, supporting them towards a brighter future. We’re also helping to protect some of the most important wildlife habitats on Earth.

With your help, we can achieve even more this year.

In our updated report about the direct impact our charitable foundation is having we could not be more excited to share with you a few of the highlights.

The Camps Foundation commits to a ‘100% Giving’ guarantee, meaning all donations received are spent directly on the projects and all overheads of managing the charity are met by the company.

Foundation Manager Amy explains “as a donor you know that every dollar you donate will be undiluted and have massive impact.  The constant presence of the company and its volunteers provides transparency and a daily audit that funds are being used to maximise the benefit to those in need.”

So who benefits from the foundation?

At any one time Camps International may be working on up to 100 different humanitarian, environmental and conservation projects across Africa, Asia and South America.

We work exclusively in rural villages and wildlife conservation areas where poverty levels are high. We focus on providing communities with employment and better access to education and healthcare along with conservation projects which concentrate on some of the most precious habitats.

What work does the Foundation do?

Our key areas of focus are education, housing, healthcare and sanitation, food and water security, environmental protection and wildlife conservation and developing sustainable livelihoods.

Through this focus we have, with the help of volunteers and donations have:

  • built and renovated 50 schools and kindergartens,
  • equipped over 400 children with the equipment required to attend school,
  • provided hundreds of people with the safe haven of a home built from locally sourced materials,
  • built more than 100 toilet blocks and washing facilities,
  • provided regular clinics through our healthcare outreach programme,
  • built greenhouses to enable people to grow crops,
  • planted thousands of new trees to help combat deforestation and
  • helped to empower local communities to start their own businesses so they have a sustainable income of their own.


Looking ahead to the work we are undertaking in the coming months we have a large number of projects underway to help continue this work and enhance the lives of even more people including:

  • a new children’s day centre in Ecuador
  • school improvement and refurbishment projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Cambodia and Borneo
  • wildlife conservation in Ecuador and Kenya
  • community centres in Borneo


The full copy of the report is available here.

For more information about how you can get involved by volunteering, please view our volunteer opportunities and we look forward to welcoming you on board.