At Camps we have a founding commitment with every community we go to work with, that we will be there 365 days of the year, for a minimum of 5 years and work in partnership with the community leaders to develop projects that focus on the needs of the local people.

Therefore, our projects may vary month to month and year to year, however our commitment to making a lasting change never ceases.

We work exclusively in rural villages and wildlife conservation areas where poverty levels are high and there is virtually no form of income beyond small-scale farming. So far, our projects have benefitted over 35,000 people, providing communities with employment and better access to education and healthcare.

What do we do?

Within these communities we focus on some key areas: education, housing, healthcare and sanitation, food and water security, environmental protection and wildlife conservation and sustainable livelihoods.

Borneo school supplies 2016-03-23 1


Where do we work?

At any one time we can have over 100 different humanitarian, environmental and conservation initiatives underway across Africa, Asia and South America. Our current projects are being undertaken in Ecuador, Peru, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Cambodia and Borneo.

Focus on education

Education is a really important area which we focus on at Camps, supporting children to access schools, improving conditions, funding teacher posts, building kindergartens and additional classrooms and providing over 400 children so far with the equipment needed to start school.

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We work in areas where poverty levels are high and access to a good education is limited or non-existent. Young children are often denied an education because their family expects them to work instead. Others are keen to attend school, but the poor facilities available hamper their success.

At Camps we have built or renovated more than 50 schools and kindergartens, tackling this major challenge facing children and communities head on.

In Borneo we have built a Kindergarten in Tinangol, transforming the opportunities for the children from being stuck in a Sunday school to having its own dedicated 2-storey building. We then added to this by adding an extension project to construct a playground for the children with a shaded seating area, play equipment and a fish pond.

We have also refurbished a school library in Mantanani and constructed a community learning centre.

In 2015 our school teams, as part of their expeditions, began work to construct a brand new purpose built kindergarten in Bongkud. This will enable the children from the relatively large community to have a safe environment where young children can learn and play.

To date, the foundations and roof support posts are in place, block walls have started to go up and much of the inner floor is completed. Our fantastic teams of volunteers have levelled and landscaped the areas, creating a storm drain around the site to protect it from the changeable weather.

Borneo Bongkud school 2015-11-07

As soon as the new kindergarten has been completed and handed over, our next project within this community will be to transform the building they have been using, which belongs to the church, into a women’s centre.

Supporting the local community

As part of our commitment to each area in which we work, we source as much of the equipment and resources needed from within the community, we buy local and employ local wherever needed to support the projects.

Want to get involved?

We have life-changing projects just like the ones featured here ongoing throughout the year across Africa, Asia and South America. If you’d like to help make a lasting difference to a community in need, why not have a look at the options available. We can provide expeditions ranging from 2 weeks to 3 months.

We run expeditions for schools, gap year students, students wanting to undertake internships, medical volunteers and companies.

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