“When we were told in assembly about going to Cambodia I couldn’t say no. I had already heard amazing reviews of other camps around the world from other students that have been before.

Telling mum, I thought she would say no but I was wrong, she told me we better start saving and fundraising. Knowing how hard it is to get money these days, I knew how much effort and time it would take, so I got started straight away!”


The deposit was £200 and I had a week to fundraise it; not a lot of time. So my grandma decided to pay it as she is very proud of me!



On the 30th of November in the freezing cold I sat in a bath of baked beans for too long. We also charged £1 to pour a tin of beans over my head. I’m so thankful for all the support even though I couldn’t walk when I got out, even with surrounding shops filling up my hot water bottles! I also had sponsorship from door to door sponsoring.



My mum has had previous events with a team called Travelling Trends. They bring in high-end clothes for low prices, and then we provide models and a venue. To start off with, we got the Church hall and put down the deposit for Travelling Trends (£50). Next we needed a temporary alcohol-selling license, so we could sell wine (£21).

RAISED £235.70

Telling mum, I thought she would say no but I was wrong, she told me we better start saving and fundraising. Knowing how hard it is to get money these days, I knew how much effort and time it would take, so I got started straight away!”


My family’s friend Joss has helped out in every way she can for every event but on the weeks/months coming up to Christmas, she decided to do a sponsored slim and everything went to me! I would really like to thank and congratulate her for losing 2 STONE(!!!) and for raising money for me in her own time, while working and looking after her family.



We sold various cakes and made a lolly pop game for my little brother to man and look after.

RAISED £75.45



For this event I used my dads mountain bike and his friends’ machine to keep it still and spinning. My best friend Chloe (who isn’t going) and I did 30 minutes each then swapped. We even bought cycling shorts with padded bums! We looked very professional… until we put on our leg warmers, headbands, wristbands and tutus!

At 5:30pm we were at 75 miles, but wanted to get to 80 miles, so we took two miles each and did the last one together with one foot on a pedal each. We reached our target at 6:00pm. It felt like such a big achievement. I would love to thank Chloe for volunteering to do this event.



Future Fundraising Plans:

* I am doing a cake stall tomorrow in Fordingbridge fes tiva l. We will be selling cup cakes in cups and ice cream cones, some rainbow cakes, all in many exotic flavours! We will also be playing guess the weight of the cake (a giant cup cake) and a lolly pop game.

* I am currently babysi tting for £3 an hour, and the money from this will go straight in to my savings for Cambodia.

* I wan t to do a car wash for neighbours in the summer holidays; the weather is great for car washes at the moment.

* I am going to write letters to some big companies to try and get more sponsorship, or maybe even see if they will match what I can fundraise!



Tazmin has made such a huge effort with all her fundraising, and Camps are so impressed we wanted to share her fundraising journey with you, to help show you it is possible!


Tazmin was extremely resourceful, by planning thoroughly what she would do. Her level of planning contributed to the overall success of her fundraising.


Don’t be afraid to try something that seems hard to plan and a bit crazy! Tazmin may have been frozen, but the baked bean bath helped her raise the most money and get the best publicity.


Tazmin set up her own website to create publicity, and get peoples attention. Check out her website and get some inspiration to start your own at: tazmincampcambodia2015.weebly.com. She also created flyers for her events, and even got into two newspapers!


The planning helped with her publicising, which then led to sponsorship for the event. She got sponsorship not only from friends and family, but also large companies.


The biggest part of fundraising is motivation! You’ve got to keep yourself motivated to try as hard as you can. Remember WHY you are doing this! Check out our social media to see pictures of the people and places you will be making an impact on.