At Camps International we have been working to enhance lives in some of the poorest communities in Ecuador for over 5 years. During this time we have built classrooms in schools, planted hundreds of trees to help combat deforestation and supported wildlife conservation projects.

Our unique approach
As a social enterprise, our philanthropic approach means we focus on ensuring that everyone benefits from the projects we run. Local communities benefit by us working collaboratively with them to tackle the challenges they are facing, working with community leaders to select projects which will have greatest impact on lives of people living there.

We employ local people in our camps to ensure our volunteers are thoroughly supported and integrated into community life. We boost the local economy by buying as many resources locally as possible to complete projects.

You will benefit too, growing in confidence, life experience and creating unforgettable memories whilst making real a difference to some of the poorest people in Ecuador. You’ll meet new people and form global friendships, make your own decisions, overcome problems and have chance to put some of your learning into practice.



A real and authentic experience

Every gap trip we believe should deliver a real and authentic cultural experience. You won’t feel like a tourist; you’ll feel like a local. During your trip you’ll live alongside the local people, immersing yourself in the culture and rural village life.

Gap trips with impact

A core part of every one of our gap trips is the vital project work. We deliver real projects that have a lasting impact. We don’t repeat the same project again and again.

At any one time, across 3 continents and 8 countries we have over 100 humanitarian projects underway, positively impacting the lives of thousands of people.

Review San Pablo Urco Reforestation - 2015-05-16 1

Two new projects in Ecuador we are working in partnership with our charitable Camps Foundation on are the Puerto Rico Children’s Day Centre in Costa and San Pablo Urco Rainwater Harvesting and Reforestation programme in Kuri Kucho.

In Costa we are building a brand new, purpose build day care centre suitable for babies and young children. This project will positively impact on families who face long working hours, choosing between working or caring for their children. The new day care centre will enable women to work, knowing their children are properly cared for and offering better development opportunities through structured play and fun learning resources.

Our commitment in Kuri Kucho is two fold. We are replanting 1,500 native trees to help combat deforestation and creating a new rainwater harvesting system to help combat years of drought the community has faced. Drought has resulted in livestock perishing and crops failing. The trees help to increase nutrients in the ground and retain rainwater.

Constructing the rainwater harvesting system will dramatically improve lives of the community by increasing water consumption, reducing the time women and children spend collecting water and all the associated health risks.

Our commitment to these projects is like every other project we run. We promise to finish every project we start, without compromise, and you can help make this happen.

You Camps Gap Trip

You can travel to Ecuador for up to three months, encountering the perfect mix of the mighty Amazon rainforest, spectacular snow-capped volcanoes and exotic palm-fringed beaches.


Depending on the trip you choose you could trek Cruz del Condor, Macchu Pichu and the Salkantay Trail, visit manmade floating reed islands, visit the bustling cities and get your fill of adrenaline as you swing high above the rainforest.

It’s easy to see why Ecuador is a travellers’ favourite and the perfect place to make your mark on the world.

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