Camps International, with the help of hundreds of inspirational volunteers, have helped to positively impact on the lives of over 35,000 people to date, in 8 countries and across 3 continents.

We deliver sustainable projects that enhance the lives of the communities we work with.  

Our unique approach of building relationships within these rural communities helps us to focus on projects that will have the greatest impact and improve the greatest number of poeple

At any one time there can be over 100 humanitarian, environmental and conservation initiatives being undertaken by our amazing volunteers.

We believe in capacity building, strengthening the skills, competencies and abilities of people and communities so they can overcome the challenges they are facing.

We offer every one of our volunteers a real and authentic cultural experience. Living alongside the communities you will be supporting you can immerse yourself their culture. Our trips create real impact and benefit everyone involved.

The areas we focus on include education, housing, healthcare and sanitation, food and water security, environmental protection and wildlife conservation and sustainable livelihoods.

Giving children a better start


We believe that giving children a better start in life is the first step in breaking the cycle of poverty. 

We build schools, kindergartens, community centres, we fund teachers, and through our one month, one child initiative, we sponsor children to enable them to attend secondary school.

Providing a safe haven

Poverty in rural areas of Kenya, Tanzania and Cambodia has led to a shortage of adequate housing, resulting in many thousands of children and adults surviving without shelter or living in unsuitable buildings, at risk of collapse.

That’s why we have stepped in to finance and build traditional houses with locally sourced materials in these areas.

Global sanitation project


As many as 2.2 million children each year die from preventable and treatable diseases because of inadequate sanitation or because they are too poor to afford proper medical treatment.

We have built more than 100 toilet blocks and washing facilities, ensuring every one of the schools we work with have access to proper sanitation. We run healthcare and hospital outreach programmes in Kenya giving the poorest and most isolated communities an opportunity to receive free medical care and support.

Combatting food security and improving access to drinking water

Around 800 million people in developing countries do not have enough food to eat or lack adequate access to clean drinking water.

We work with communities to help control soil erosion, establish flood prevention measures, introduce innovative farming techniques, build green houses, teach children about nutrition and have ongoing livestock de-worming programmes.

We install water pumps, build small reservoirs and construct gravity fed water systems to secure rainwater and preserve ground water.

Protecting biodiversity hotpsots


Our conservation projects are located in four of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots where we can make the biggest difference. We focus on replanting native trees to combat deforestation and help to protect the habitat.

Empowering sustainable livelihoods

We don’t believe in handouts, we believe in empowering people to improve their own living standards and we champion and support them along the way.

We help people start their own businesses, encouraging micro finance from women’s groups working in our newly built community centres to encouraging fishing, farming, ecotourism and artisan crafts.

Every trip has a positive impact

No matter what destination you travel to, or the project you work on. 

The difference one volunteer can make is inspirational. You will benefit in many ways growing in confidence and life experience and helping to make a positive change to people’s lives.

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