Hey! Recently I completed my 10 mile sponsored walk, phew! I am super proud of myself and didn’t know I could even walk that far! Set yourself a challenge – if you know you can walk or cycle a certain distance without breaking a sweat, double it! Triple it! You need to make sure people think ‘blimey’ when you tell them what you’re planning to do.
start walk

It’s pretty simple once you think about it, all you need is a sponsorship platform. This could be sponsorship forms or an online donation page. If you’re pretty tech savvy like me and saving a few trees, you’ll have an online donation page! As I was raising money for the Camps Foundation (a registered charity) I was able to set up a JustGiving page.

You guys can use pages like Gofundme or Crowdfunder. Once you have your online donation/sponsorship page set up, copy the link and paste it wherever you like – simples! Use your social media pages to tell everyone you possibly can about what you’re doing, when and why. Explain in loads of detail so you really get your point across.  If you have decided to use sponsorship forms, make sure you hand out as many of these as you possibly can, get your parents to take them into work or hand them out at school!

We are on the south coast so I picked a beach walk! What do you live near? The sea? A national park? Think about location, where would be the best place near you? Set yourself a challenge! My colleagues here in the office made sure I had set myself one, I was a bit nervous about raising a good amount in such a small time but I made sure I promoted my event as much as possible, posting it on Facebook, sending emails and texting my family. Every little penny helps so do not worry if you feel you might not be able to raise a huge amount in a short timeframe. Give yourself ENOUGH time! It’s the summer holidays, you have a while!


When the day of your sponsored event finally comes, you should have seen at least a few sponsors flurry into your page or from your forms. Make sure you have shouted about it loads! Prepare yourself for all weather conditions, pack a rucksack of essentials including water/snacks/a camera to document your journey and anything else you might need! YOU ARE SO READY TO GO NOW!

Whether its running, cycling, walking, swimming – the key is to make it fun, then it wont be as daunting. I faced wind, rain, the odd questionable cyclist and the wrath of many small ‘daredevil’ children tempting fate darting in and out my path whilst travelling merrily along our wonderful seafront! Following the ever growing mad fad that is ‘Pokemon Go’ I was able to walk and catch some super cool Pokemon at the same time, how exciting?! See if there is something that can take your mind off how far you must travel or the challenge ahead, get your friends and family involved? Take your iPod? Is there pizza at the end of this journey?

pokemon walk

You can do anything if you set your mind to it, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (I like to think of myself as quite the motivational speaker you see) Make sure you think of the end product, you will be on that plane to either Africa, Asia and South America before you know it and all of your marvellous hard work would have paid off! This sponsored event will be a drop in the ocean of your fun filled fundraising efforts and at the same time it will totally help you find the motivation to do so much more and push yourself even further.

So yes, I got drenched, I tripped over, I feel like I have been hit by a ten tonne truck today but I have raised over £100 in just over a WEEK and here I am to tell the tale! Groovy eh? Let this inspire you and spur you on to fundraise because it is totally possible! Imagine if you walked double the distance (or even further) than I did and had heaps more time than I did too and you will be well on your way!

me walk

Don’t forget to give us a shout if you need ANY help at all with your fundraising, that’s what we are here for! Have faith in yourself, we do!

Ciao for now,

Meg :)