With just a couple of weeks to go until A Level results are out, you and your child may be starting to think about those results and the next steps.

Even if the results are not what you or they hoped they would be, we can assure you it’s not the end of the world. There are many options available to them to make the best of the situation. From clearing to resits, changing course or university, looking into apprenticeships, getting a job or taking a year out – the options can almost seem endless.

On the other hand, they may have already started mentioning they would like to take a gap year and you’re wondering what that may look like.

First thing to note is a gap year doesn’t have to be a complete year, nor does it have to be a whole year of travelling. You can tailor your time to fit longer term objectives and maximise the opportunity.

At Camps International we offer gap trips with impact from 1 to 3 months across 3 continents and in 8 countries. They will have time before and after to work, take resits, arrange uni visits or whatever else they feel they need to do to get themselves further forward towards their dreams and aspirations.

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What does a gap trip involve?

Every one of our gap trips involves a combination of elements, with some additional bolt on extras should these appeal to your child. There is project work, the chance to undertake an adventure, time to explore the local area and meet friends from across the UK and around the world.

One of our core elements is that your child will be volunteering on life-changing projects in some of the poorest countries in the world. They will help to make a difference to the lives of people living in these communities not only now, but long into the future.

We build schools, we conserve wildlife, we protect the environment, we install water and sanitation facilities to protect and improve the health of the community and much more.

Every project we work on is driven by the needs of the local community. We don’t paint the same classroom over and over again. At any one time we have over 100 humanitarian, environmental and conservation projects underway.


A real and authentic cultural experience

Whilst your child is on their trip they won’t feel like a tourist, they will be immersed in rural community life, living alongside those they will be working to support.

This will help to develop their communication skills, confidence, decision making, enabling them to put skills they have learned into practice whilst learning a whole load more. They will undertake wide and varied tasks, including things they may never have pictured themselves doing.

All the skills and experiences they gain will give them perfect extracts to add to their CVs and university applications. Gaining life experience, proving that they can put their learning into practice is what takes them from being just a candidate, to a stand out candidate. It will also give them examples to use in their interviews as to situations they have dealt with and show a whole range of really strong attributes.

Every bit of their experience of volunteering overseas can help them not only when they are away, but to build for their future.


Unrivalled safety procedures

We have been delivering gap and school trips since our launch in 2002 with thousands of young people travelling with us every year. Keeping your child safe is our number one priority along with giving the best possible experience.

Unlike many other companies, our operations team consisting of over 100 staff are mainly located where your child will be travelling. This means we are on hand to prevent and deal with incidents rather than just react to them from a distance.

As a Camps International volunteer you stay in our camps, that we run, use our transport, work on our projects and are supported round the clock by our staff. We are experts in the countries and areas in which we work.

All Directors, Managers, Camps and Camps International UK Office are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


An experience to last a lifetime

Gap trips can help to change a perspective on life, open your eyes to the world out there and the potential impact one person can truly have.

They will make friends, learn new skills, see extraordinary sights, live in a completely new environment, gain life experience and come home with stories to tell which will take your breath away.

These sights and stories help to boost personal statements, provide examples to future employers of their skills and capabilities and help them to stand out.

The impact is not only on the people they are helping internationally, but also the impact one trip can have on their future.

For more information about the trips we have available, request a brochure below and one of our team will be in contact to answer any questions you may have.
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