This weeks fundraising Friday star really is fantastic! Penny has managed to raise EVERYTHING in her first year of fundraising! She is even determined to keep up the fundraising to help others. What a true inspiration, we are super proud of you Penny! Have a read through – you will definitely be impressed! 

When I first heard about the expedition I was super excited about the idea of the trip but overwhelmed by the idea of raising £4000!!! I am really looking forward to the 1 month expedition as I know it will be an incredible experience that I will never ever forget. I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to go on such an amazing trip and have loved all of the fundraising I have been doing so far.

My first fundraising activity I did for Tanzania was a car boot sale. This involved getting up before 5:30 to be at the venue for 6 as so we could get a good spot.   I had lots of help from my best friend Hannah who came both times to help me with it and stuck by me with the early starts! Lots of family and friends generously donated old things they didn’t need from their houses and I was thrilled with receiving just over £100.  After reading about fundraising ideas on the Camps International website, I decided to set up an easy fundraising account, which meant that we could be getting small percentages of peoples online shops without it costing them anything! So far I have raised over £80 from this, and am looking forward to when family and friends next book their holidays because we can get quite a lot of money from that! cb 1

I then began with quizzing. This is where I would go door to door around my village and quickly explained what I was doing and asked if they would like to buy a quiz for £2 to help me raise funds. The quiz was 50 questions long and the deadline was set for last week.  There were prizes for the quizzes returned to my house that got full marks. These prizes involved chocolates and various different wines that had been donated from different companies and stores that I had visited or emailed. Quizzing lasted from February until last week.  I set the target of getting £50 a week, which would only take about 2 hours. I know that is a lot of money, but I also received a lot of no thank yous and some quite rude people! Despite this I carried on and have raised over £1000 from this!quizzes

Shortly after I began quizzing, we went on holiday to the Lake District for Easter. I saw this as an opportunity to do a sponsored mountain climb up Helvellyn whilst I was there with my close family. It was very challenging but had incredible outcome (quite a lot of money and outstanding views from the top!). Because it was so cold when we got to the top it was all snow and the way down was rather steep, we even sledged down quite a lot of it on our bums! The whole of the 8 hour walk was a challenge but I loved every minute of it and I know it would have been good preparation for our mountain climb in Tanzania.


After this we put on a coffee afternoon/concert in our Methodist church and we asked lots of young musicians to come and perform.  I love music so the whole experience was brilliant for me. Me and my violin teacher did a duet, along with solos on piano and violin. We had some excellent prizes that companies had donated to us, including Flamingo Land tickets, chocolates, Café Nero vouchers and much much more. Alongside the guess the weight of the cake, flowers a shop had donated to us to sell, a cake sale and donation entries for the door, my concert raised just over £600!

After this we held our second car boot sale which again raised just over £100. Me and my friend Abi, who is also going on the expedition, held a stall at the May Day fair and the Copmanthorpe Carnival, where we had cake sales, hair plaiting, sweet selling and much more.  At the start of the summer holidays, 5 of us from our school who are going on the expedition went bag packing at Morrisons all dressed up as different animals from Tanzania (I was a zebra!). I really enjoyed it as everyone was so lovely there, staff included. We each got over £100 which is a huge amount bearing in mind there was 5 of us. Fran, a friend from school, also came to help us and evenly split the money between us which was very kind of her!Coffee Afternoon.PNG

My grandad has also being doing a sponsored slim where people have been donating for every pound of his weight loss.   He has lost over 2 stone so far and has raised an amazing £70! After sending hundreds of emails to charities applying for grants, York’s Children’s Trust have generously given me £100 towards my trip. Alongside help from my family and all of the events above, I am delighted to have finally hit my £4000 target! I also have another pot that I can’t get into unless I smash, which I put paper round, work (book keeping) and babysitting money in.  This is what I’ll be spending on clothing, equipment, jabs and all of the extras that I need for my expedition as I didn’t think it was fair to be using money people had donated on a rucksack!

grandad walking

Next I am planning on holding a barn dance at my mum’s school hall that me and my close friend Tia will be holding. She doesn’t go to my school but she is going on the same expedition with her school but is doing the scuba diving extra bit whilst I’m doing the mountain climb. We have been planning it and I am very excited to be hosting it with her in October.  I will be giving her all the money we raise as she is struggling with her fundraising due to extremely difficult circumstances recently but I’m hoping that this will be the kick start she needs to get back into her fundraising. I also created a website ( which has been good for all my supportive family and friends to see what I’ve recently been doing on my blog page.


When I first decided to go on this trip my parents were very unsure as they knew that if my  fundraising failed then there would be no way of getting the deposit back. Despite this, I proved to them that I could raise the money in only 8 months. The plan was to have finished before Christmas as I needed plenty of time for GCSE revision in year 11 but I have managed to raise it already. It’s perfect timing really as I can now focus on my mocks that I have in my first week back and can spend my time focusing on school work instead of fundraising. I have enjoyed most of my fundraising, some bits more than others  (from holding concerts to sliding down huge mountains on my bum) and know that this will be a great thing to put on my CV when I’m older. Now I can sit down and relax, knowing that my fundraising is done and look forward to the trip next year whilst revising for my GCSEs (to keep my mum happy)!!

To anyone struggling to raise the funds out there, keep at it; a bit of hard work and motivation is all you need.  Good Luck.


As ever, PLEASE send us your fundraising experiences, it makes us smile when we get to read your stories! When sending in your Fundraising Friday Star please tell us what you felt when you first heard about the expedition, a few paragraphs about what you have been up to so far for your fundraising, any future fundraising plans and some pictures of your fundraising! LOTS of pictures! (pleeeeeease) But the pictures do need to be of a high quality that can be uploaded online… no fuzzy mugshots! ?

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Stay Groovy!

Meg 😀