If you are considering a career in or have a passion to support wildlife conservation, zoology, business, agriculture, food science or environmental studies we have a range of internships perfect for you.

Intro to internships

Internships with Camps International provide the perfect opportunity to work alongside some of the most forward thinking and exciting organisations that are directly tackling some of the major challenges facing our environment.

Every one of our internships includes 2-4 weeks of working alongside one of these innovative organisations followed by 2 weeks working with our Camps staff and other volunteers on life-changing projects.


Spotlight on conservation

We have 3 different types of internship within the field of conservation; working with the Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Borneo, on innovative conservation strategies with Wildlife Works in Kenya or promoting conservation, preservation and protection of primates in Kenya with Colobus Conservation Limited.

Tasks are wide ranging within each placement including:

  • animal husbandry, habitat enrichment, maintenance and education in Borneo;
  • feeding, cleaning and caring for primates and their infants, the enrichment of their enclosures and helping with primate pest assessments in Kenya;
  • helping the team tackle their current biggest priorities in Kenya with projects to help combat poaching or help to monetise land to enable land and habitat protection to alleviate the conflict between the environment and survival or local land owners

Each one of these projects will enable you to learn about how they are directly impacting on the survival of wildlife and their environments. You will be able to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into supporting these initiatives.


Spotlight on business & agriculture

Our business and agriculture internships are partnered with PACOS in Borneo, assisting them with their drive to develop sustainability within rural communities. The local people have expertise in farming, however turning this into a regular and sustainable income can prove exceptionally challenging.

PACOS help local people to select and implement new strategies for permaculture farming and to develop micro-finance initiatives to provide communities greater stability.


Real and authentic experience

It’s essential from our perspective that every programme we offer is as real and authentic as possible. You’ll live in our camps and within the communities with which you’ll be working. You’ll spend time in the community, experiencing everyday life and gaining an understanding of many of the challenges these communities are facing.


You can help to change the world

Not only will you be working on amazing conservation initiatives you will also spend time with our teams working on life-changing projects within local communities. These vary from helping to build schools, kindergartens, houses and community centres to installing water supplies to provide fresh drinking water, building new sanitation facilities, reforestation programmes to combat deforestation and supporting micro-finance schemes.

Whether you are involved in a project at the beginning, middle or the end, we promise you every project we start we finish – without compromise.

To get more details about the projects we run, the internships available to you and how you can make a massive impact on the world, request a brochure and one of our team will be in contact shortly.

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