Late Friday evening after a long 48 hours of travel, 8 students from Keele University arrived in Tanzania and we were cordially received by the friendly Camp Tanga staff who were accompanied by other hospitalized local people.   IMG-20160825-WA0021

The following morning after a well-deserved sleep, we set off on our project. Our target for the first 2 weeks of acting was to finish constructing a household that was previously taken up by other volunteers.


At first the idea of throwing mud at a wall for 2 weeks sounded like easy work, however after 2 hours of this we realized there was more to it and was a lot harder.


As there were 8 of us, we found that we finished the house incredibly quickly and did it in 7 days. We all genuinely enjoyed playing in the house as we were beleaguered by the kinsfolk and their friends whom we made acquaintances with.



Complete house




House Handing Over

After a long day of working we would go down to beach and play games with the locals. We also taught a few to swim which was really rewarding.


Although the bulk of the trip was for building the house we had a few rest days to recover.


On these days we would go into Tanga and visit the local markets to purchase gifts and then head to a local hotel for wifi and the swimming pool. I think we all enjoyed being able to speak to family and friends from back home.

One of the experiences we enjoyed the most was the marine conservation project. This involved walking along the beaches and collecting any rubbish we could find and then sorting it.


Marine Conservation workshop


Finished Flip flop Recycled Product

It was surprising how much rubbish we would collect in such a small space. After sorting the rubbish into piles we used the flip flops to make things such as bracelets and key rings.

Seaweed farming was also another local activity we got to embrace


Sea weed harvesting

Although we only got to do it for half an hour before the tide got too high it was definitely and experience we were glad to be a part of.

We also took part on desk refurbishment at Mwahako Primary School where we managed to repair over 10 desks for the school.


Desk refurbishment

The school have inadequate desks, 4 students share one desk in class and this compromises their concentration while carrying their studies in class due to congestion. Few days to go and we are still strong and looking forward to work harder and complete the remaining part of our expedition task.


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