If you are considering a career within teaching fields or perhaps hoping to work in the creative world of filmmaking, photography or graphic design, we offer some fantastic internships in Borneo.

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Intro to internships

Internships with Camps International provide the perfect opportunity to work alongside one of the most forward thinking and exciting organisations in Borneo that are directly tackling some of the major challenges facing their environment.

Our internships in education, design and creativity include 2-4 weeks of working alongside PACOS followed by 2 weeks working with our Camps staff and other volunteers on life-changing projects.


Inspire through education


Are you looking to become a teacher, teaching assistant or just considering working in education and looking for an opportunity to make a massive impact on local community in Borneo? We offer 4 and 6 week internships with PACOS collaborating with local teachers in community learning centres. You’ll be working alongside the team to develop and implement a specialised curriculum and guiding and training teachers.

Every bit of information, ideas and recommendations you can share with the teams will help them continue to develop their teaching styles and engage with even more children and young people. Education is a gift that can help to change the potential for future generations and you can make a massive difference to them and your future career.


Let’s get creative


Videos and photos can help to tell stories and amplify the voice of the local people – sharing insights into the culture, daily life, challenges and developments being made in Borneo.

Working with the PACOS team you will help to train staff in using new techniques to help them connect with a wider audience and get across their message. You will also work together with them to pass on this training to the community, sharing new skills and ideas.

You’ll be able to create your own projects and work on existing ones, adding to your portfolio and helping to share important messages.

Our internships within the creative fields are perfect for filmmakers, photographers and graphic designers. Why not put your skills into action and help to transform communities?


You’ll feel like a local

Every one of our internships works with you very much being part of the community. You’ll live and work amongst the local communities you’ll be supporting, not only through your placement but also through the vital project work you’ll be undertaking.


A few weeks can change lives forever

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As well as engaging with fantastic programmes and helping to share skills, insights and inspiration to the teams PACOS works with, you’ll also spend 2 weeks working on life-changing projects with our Camps teams.

As a social enterprise, philanthropy is very much in our heart. We focus on helping to transform lives and solve challenges local communities are facing. With the help of our volunteers we build schools and kindergartens, houses and community centres, we install fresh water supplies and sanitation facilities, we help to tackle deforestation and support community’s future sustainability through micro-finance schemes.

Every project you work on will have a major impact on the lives of the community now, and for the future.

Whether you are involved in a project at the beginning, middle or the end, we promise you every project we start, we finish – without compromise.

To get more details about the projects we run, the internships available to you and how you can make a massive impact on the world, request a brochure and one of our team will be in contact shortly.
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