In 1965, UNESCO launched International Literacy Day in the hope that it would enable increased accessibility to education in developing nations.

This years’ campaign, launched through the World Literacy Foundation is The Sky’s the Limit and we encourage everyone to try and raise the awareness of the challenges students in developing countries have to access education and become literate.

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Education is a core project focus for Camps International and our charity Camps Foundation. In February 2015 through the Foundation we launched our One Month Once Child campaign.


For every month one of our adult volunteers travels on a trip with impact, we sponsor one child in the host country of their trip.

Through the sponsorship we supply each child with the equipment they need to attend school: a new school uniform, school bag, pencil case, 3 curriculum text books, a dictionary, pocket atlas and a geometry set.

Since it’s launch we have supported over 400 children to carry on their education.

Through our school expeditions and trips with impact we also focus education in every country in which we operate. We focus on working in areas of the world where poverty levels are high and access to a good education is often very limited or non-existent.

In these areas young children are often denied an education because families expect and need them to work instead. Others are very keen to attend school, but poor education facilities mean that access to a good education is challenging and this impacts on their future prospects.

Every year we have projects underway to renovate and build schools, classrooms, teaching facilities and kindergartens – giving more children a chance for a proper education in a safe learning environment. We sponsor children to continue into secondary school and support several teachers with their professional training and development.

At Camps we firmly believe that giving children a better start in life is the first step in breaking the cycle of poverty.


Some examples of our recent and ongoing projects include:

  • building a children’s day centre in Ecuador
  • classroom building and a children’s feeding programme in a school in Kenya
  • building a new staff administration block in Itinyi in Kenya
  • constructing classrooms in Mbokomu and Kdia in Tanzania
  • building a preschool in Tanga in Tanzania
  • supplying an English teacher and providing purpose built classrooms in Beng Mealea in Cambodia
  • building a brand new kindergarten in Bongkud in Borneo

These projects are a massive feature of our school expeditions and trips with impact for students taking a gap year or break before starting work.

We do not paint the same classroom over and over again. We work with the local community leaders to determine the areas where we can have the greatest impact and make improvements that directly tackle the challenges they are facing.

Alongside the trips we run, we have also launched a brand new range of internships, including a 4 and 6 week option to focus on improving and supporting education in Borneo. These internships perfectly combine collaborating with and sharing experience and ideas with teaching staff whilst also working on our life-changing projects.

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