Camps International launched it’s very first Camp in Kenya in 2002. Kenya therefore holds a very special place in our heart and our commitment to improving lives in Kenya is the same now as it was when we launched.


Feeding programme, Sasenyi Primary School

There are currently 720 students enrolled at Sasenyi Primary School on the outskirts of Rukinga wildlife sanctuary. Prolonged drought conditions have resulted in deteriorating food security in the area. People living here are desperately poor. We have been supporting the school since 2008, however there are ongoing challenges and improvements that still need to be made.


In 2012 government funding which supported a feeding programme for the children at the school to ensure each child had at least one hot, nutritious meal a day, ended.  In an area where most families are surviving on one small meal every 24 hours and more than half the children are suffering from malnutrition, we have stepped in to take over the funding of this project.


School improvements and refurbishment

The school facilities in rural parts of Kenya are often inadequate, resulting in dilapidated classrooms, some liable to collapse due to erosion from season flooding weakening the foundations. We are therefore committed to building additional classrooms at Sasenyi and have undertaken a project to build an administration block in Itinyi.


Wildlife conservation and tree nursery

Human-wildlife conflict remains a big problem in Kenya and we are working directly with Wildlife Works on projects to help overcome this conflict.

Over the past 8 years we have been engaged in projects to improve wildlife watering holes to prevent the need for wildlife to stray into farmland, planted over 30,000 native seedlings to help tackle deforestation and repair damaged parts of the environment.


Both of these projects are ongoing and our commitment to them remains very strong.


Camps Effect

Our work in Kenya extends beyond these projects above to include healthcare outreach, supporting women’s groups, sports development, student sponsorship and marine conservation.

As part of every trip we run, working on these life-changing projects is a core element. You will live within the community you are supporting, experiencing the culture and getting to explore this amazing country just like a local.

We currently have a few spaces for 1 month trips to Kenya leaving in January and joint Kenya and Tanzania trips for 2 and 3 month durations.

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