When you are out on expedition you will be taking part in project work in the camps and communities you visit – this can be a really useful tool to use when you are explaining to others what your expedition is going to involve and how you will be making a difference.


The simplest way of explaining it is in terms of the type of project that you will be getting involved in:

Community: our community projects can range from low level building and maintenance to assist in the construction of new housing for communities, through to community centres and even school buildings. We have built classrooms, toilets, houses, health centres etc in the past – and projects like this are quite big and continuously ongoing.

When we are considering a community we always make sure to visit them in person so we have the option to discuss with them how we operate and what they feel their needs are and how we can help.

During the projects, we encourage locals to get involved. This enables us to hand the projects back over to the community once it is up and running. We will never fully cut ties with a community, however, when it gets to the stage where the project needs maintaining rather than moving forwards, we will always hand it back to the community and start up something new.


We run our projects and camps year round and employ locally to ensure that our projects are sustainable and genuinely beneficial to the communities that we visit rather than just tourist attractions. We also try to educate communities about renewable resources and one of our biggest challenges is teaching the locals to use resources responsibly and to replant trees that they cut down.

Environmental and wildlife: These projects are aimed at encouraging the environmental growth as well as wildlife. This can range from reforestation, education into the importance of recycling, the building of eco-stoves so that trees aren’t chopped down, right the way through to maintaining water holes and boundaries – this ensures that wildlife and communities can co-exist harmoniously together.


Being able to fully explain the type of projects you could be involved in to your potential sponsors has proven to help previous fundraisers.

Go fundraise!

Meg :)